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  1. Echo Lodge

    Wyze Buds Pro Just Released!

    https://wyze.com/wyze-buds-pro.html I have pre ordered almost everyone of their products and have not been disappointed... See if my luck holds out.
  2. Echo Lodge

    Thanks Cofooter for the ride!

    Impressive watching Gail Footing this morning!
  3. Echo Lodge

    Desert Bar For Sale!

    https://www.azcentral.com/story/travel/arizona/road-trips/2021/04/15/desert-bar-parker-az-closes-summer-2021/7230416002/ Did a search to see if Vin was looking to buy it but couldn't find him.
  4. Echo Lodge

    Leading Off-Road Maker Polaris's Risky Bet On Electric

    Pretty cool info on the history of the company and electrification. They do show a shot of a Rhino calling it a Polaris tho...
  5. Echo Lodge

    Duplicate Pink Slip When The Now Out Of Business Bank Never Sent Lien Satisfied To DMV

    Back in 2007 I bought a Rhino from a Hahm Motorsports in Anaheim. I had a one year loan from HSBC Bank NV. I paid it off and apparently never got the pink slip. The bank has been out of business since 2013 as is Hahm Motorsports. I am using CA DMV online Covid service to try to get a...
  6. Echo Lodge

    Mobile Home Electrical Question

    Here is my panel! I would like to swap my propane water heater for an electrical one. I have 3 window airs. One is a 220. Can I add a 220 breaker to the empty spots?
  7. Echo Lodge

    Check Your Suddenlink Bill!

    Like most folks, I have my river Sudddenlink setup with auto pay. I checked my bill this month and saw that it had gone up $10 bucks. Well come to find out they have been charging me $10 bucks for a modem that I own for over a year. When you call to ask about the error they do not deny the...
  8. Echo Lodge

    Any Jeep YJ Experts Out There? Dana 35 C leaking from the yoke nut.

    I have a 93 YJ with a rear Dana 35 C that is leaking dif oil. The Yoke seal is probably original with 91k miles on it. It is NOT leaking around the yoke shaft. Dif oil is coming out around the yoke nut. I have ordered a GENUINE OEM SPICER DANA 35 REAR PINION NUT SEAL CRUSH SLEEVE JEEP XJ MJ...
  9. Echo Lodge

    Possible Parker Strip Incident?

    Buddy was at Fox's and reported.... "Fire boat code 3, a couple ground units code 3, and life flight went up river an hour ish ago." Hope everyone is ok.
  10. Echo Lodge

    Aquatic Weed Harvester in Lake Havasu

    Like to borrow this for the Strip... It would make hydrofoiling much easier not having to dodge river weeds!
  11. Echo Lodge

    Possible Hit and Run Near River Lodge.

    Not sure if Vin posted as I couldn't find a thread about it. http://www.parkerliveonline.com/2020/09/06/man-struck-by-vessel-on-parker-strip-flown-to-hospital-in-goodyear/ On Saturday, September 5th, 2020 at approximately 5:15 pm, deputies from the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department’s...
  12. Echo Lodge

    Will SCE Turn Your Power Off For An Hour This Week?

    To Our Customers: We need your help. Very hot weather is expected to continue for most of Southern California through Wednesday, causing stress on the power grid. Since this heatwave began, the California Independent System Operator (CAISO) has issued two statewide Stage 3 emergencies and...
  13. Echo Lodge

    Water Filter Question

    So the water at Echo Lodge sucks. I have a sediment filter and water Softener. The mobile is hooked up to a 2 inch line that I blow out every couple of months. When I do it's black water. My sediment filter always has dirt in it.. Wondering if I put a 50 micron filter in it would help...
  14. Echo Lodge

    The Day The Sandbar's Water Turned Florescent Green!

    Yesterday a guy opened a sea dye marker at the sandbar across from Fox's! First time I have witnessed a sea dye marker. Surprised how long it lasted.
  15. Echo Lodge

    Fire in HB Wetands!

    Neighbor saw transient this morning in wetlands with a fire in his camp.
  16. Echo Lodge

    Powell Boat Fire In Last Chance!

    Sad deal.... We will be in Last Chance on a houseboat this Saturday.
  17. Echo Lodge

    Buddy's Vdrive Rollbar Boat Making Noise

    Buddy's Rollbar Boat with 560 hours makes this noise at low RPM in forward gear. Any ideas?
  18. Echo Lodge

    Hey CoFooter... Got a new trick for you!

  19. Echo Lodge

    New Buckskin Fireboat!

  20. Echo Lodge

    Out Of Control RV Goes Flying Into Departing Ferry, Driver Gets Killed

    https://www.carscoops.com/2019/06/out-of-control-rv-goes-flying-into-departing-ferry-driver-gets-killed/?fbclid=IwAR3NpU9u5bye7dTbnCmQegtGGvJ49nn2Qz0RFZVeLcSQKXpRS8CZoymBa4c Did a search to see if VIN already posted this. Check your RV brakes! RIP Driver.