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  1. Bullhead bully

    My 18-year-old daughter

    Got her pilots license today. Three months 55 hours total flight time. Got a 90 on the written and knocked out her six hour check ride today. She kicked ass. Smokin job! i’ve seen so many friends that get partway in and just drop the ball. She just knocked it out
  2. Bullhead bully

    NorCal is burning....BAD

  3. Bullhead bully

    Post your best pictures of the weekend

  4. Bullhead bully

    Bullhead closed....THANK YOU !

    Awesome boating without all the rental personal watercraft. It was a pleasure to run all the way to the Dam today. Effortless 140 mile run THE OUTBOARD CHURCH AT ITS BEST
  5. Bullhead bully

    Detail specialties

    I've been using Ceramic coatings from the Detail specialties for a couple of years. It's amazing how much the products have advanced. The new stuff is incredible! The new DW runs very dry so I only did transom and motors . What an extreme improvement when it's time to clean up after you pull...
  6. Bullhead bully

    Ontario to Havasu

    I have three boxes of furniture that need to make their way from the 15 and Jurupa to Havasu whenever possible. Longest box is 72 inches long. anyone headed that way I would be happy to deliver it anywhere in the inland empire to get it out there if possible sooner than later. Trying to keep...
  7. Bullhead bully

    Bunker Busy Bar

    Havasu needed a destination not to far away. I think they’ll do well !!! Seemed packed every day since they opened.
  8. Bullhead bully

    Found a passenger that can handle it

    He was a big fan of the Gs...... Most people tap out after a 3G turn. We pulled 5 1/2 Aerobatics Mountain flying Catalina 1.5 hours
  9. Bullhead bully

    Flying everyday is paying off

    Flew my first routine today.......SOOOOOOOO fun Last minute phone video isn’t to bad.
  10. Bullhead bully

    So They call me the Bully

    So I’m going to go out on a limb because I’ve earned the title and ask the question. How many of the cyber boaters on here are actually going to write a check for a new boat before the Libs fuck everything up? I get tons of boating questions on performance ,reliability, endurance...
  11. Bullhead bully

    I Broke the boredom barrier !!!

    Hell yes ! All day training. Loops , Rolls Hammerheads, Humpty‘s, half and full Cubans, regular spins, flats spins. Inverted spins And the craziest unusual upset recovery ever !!! Head down eyes closed and the instructor ( aerobatic expert CFII ) trashes my equilibrium handing me the plane...
  12. Bullhead bully

    Can-Am X3 NEW 32” tires and wheels

    Bought this set new in February . Never used computer balanced ready to go on X3. 32s $1,200. OBO PM for info
  13. Bullhead bully

    The other woman.....Extra 330LT

    And she’s a feisty sexy bitch
  14. Bullhead bully

    2017 Southbay 25 350 Verado

    This boat is near new. Full custom West Coast Bimini JL stereo upgrade. Less than 50 hours on the motor. Needs nothing !!! lots of warranty on boat and motor. Someone is going to score. $75,000 OBO pm for more info
  15. Bullhead bully

    Lake Powell Challenge Picture thread

  16. Bullhead bully

    Nordic 35SS Twin 450 getting wet. TODAY !

    I just got a call from the boys at Nordic. They’re ready. I’m jumping in my plane we’re going boating this afternoon !!!! :D I sure am glad I spent the night polishing stainless. LOL. Good thing I have an autopilot. My heads already going to be swirling around the controls.
  17. Bullhead bully

    Police boats

    Bunch of police boats are headed up River right now hopefully nothing bad happened! It’s blowing pretty crazy the lake is a disaster right now.
  18. Bullhead bully

    Nordic 35SS

    OK in case you’re completely new here all of you know I’m a big fan of Nordic. No doubt. However I am a boat whore. So whatever gets my adrenaline pumping that’s the direction I’m going to go as long as it’s an outboard. I was lucky enough to be driving Nordic‘s 35SS with 400s.( I’m still...