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  1. toyaddiction

    Bring a Trailer Tahoe Boat Museum Auction

    If you like cars and boats you need to check out this auction website. They will be auctioning off the entire inventory of the Lake Tahoe Boat Museum over the next couple of months. Check it out. https://bringatrailer.com/auctions/ Here are a few that are listed this week.
  2. toyaddiction

    Before your trailer, boat or RZR gets stolen

    I had a trailer stolen last year. Pissed me off and I keep seeing posts of everyone getting their hard work stolen. I put these on everything. Seems like cheap insurance to get it back.
  3. toyaddiction

    1976 Schiada River Cruiser For Sale

    I am considering going VARA racing and might have to get rid of a couple of toys. This is an awesome boat and I have enjoyed it but I have to many cars and boats. I am throwing it out if anyone is interested. I am thinking $45,000.00 is fair. 1071 Blown big block, V-drive, runs and handles...
  4. toyaddiction

    2008 Eliminator Trim Rocker Switches

    I have looked all over the web and need a couple drive trim rocker switches. Does anyone know the part number and where to get these.
  5. toyaddiction

    Arizona Offroad Insurance

    I have had Pogressive for the past 6 years for my rail and they have decided to not provide insurance for this type of vehicle anymore. I have the large car plate so I think it might be different than the motorcycle plate on the Canams and Razors. I have tried Safeco and Allstate and am being...
  6. toyaddiction

    Used Cleaver Props 17X39X21R

    I am looking for anyone that has a set of 17X39X21 or 22 rake props laying around collecting dust. I am currently running 16.25 diameter and John at Teague thinks I could use a little more bow lift at slow speeds. Momma likes slow speeds. This is what I am currently running
  7. toyaddiction

    496 Mag HO Procharger Kit

    I have had this new in the box Procharger kit sitting in my shop for years. I purchased it for one of my boats and never installed it. $3,500.00 OBO Kit is in Placentia CA.
  8. toyaddiction

    21 Schiada RC Passenger Foot Rests

    I am looking for some type of passenger foot rest like I had in the Kurtis. Its a no floor 4 stringer hull. What does everyone else use and where can I get something made. Here is a pic of what was in the Kurtis.
  9. toyaddiction

    Cool Website for the lakes we boat at

    http://www.water-data.com/ Check out this website. It gives us past and present lake heights, snow pack and a bunch of web cams. I thought it was interesting
  10. toyaddiction

    Craigslist 85 21 Rivercruiser

    http://orangecounty.craigslist.org/boa/5985660850.html I just saw this on Craigslist. I don't need another one. It has a 714 area code number. Might make someone a good little boat.
  11. toyaddiction

    1976 River Cruiser History

    I picked this boat up about a month ago from Maxed Out Marine. I have had 4 V-Drive boats in the past and just love this thing. I now understand the following. Took the wife out and she wasn't to impressed. O well. I was wondering if anyone new anymore history or had some old pics before it was...
  12. toyaddiction

    58 foot Cockpit Motor Yacht

    http://www.yachtworld.com/boats/1986/Kha-Shing-Spindrift-Cockpit-MY-2982227/Newport-Beach/CA/United-States#.V6uNnWb6t9A For you ocean boating guys. I have listed my 1986 Kha Shing Spindrift. Please see the link above to view. This is a very comfortable boat that we have owned for about 5...
  13. toyaddiction

    The Green Monster

    I am putting my 23 Ford C Cab up for sale. Time to make some room and its not getting driven anymore. Its an old build with a 1979 Corvette 350 so it cannot be registered in California. It is registered in Arizona but I have it here in the OC. $18,000.00 OBO
  14. toyaddiction

    Excessive Industries Jeep Parts

    My nephew is building some pretty cool bumpers and suspension parts for Jeeps. He now has a website, Facebook and is trying to make this into a real business. Please check him out if you want something a little different than what everyone is purchasing from 4 Wheel Parts...
  15. toyaddiction

    Havasu Jeep Repair

    I think I snapped an axle on Momma's Jeep over the weekend on the way to the Desert Bar. I need a recommendation on a shop that will pick it up at the Islander Storage, fix it and not rip me off. Any suggestions?
  16. toyaddiction

    OCM Tim sighting

    Saw Tim cruising the channel today in his little outboard Stoker race boat. Maybe someone that he owes money to should go Repo that thing. Guys got balls for all the guys he has ripped off.
  17. toyaddiction

    Flatbottom Road Dolly Tires

    I noticed a lot of road dolly trailers at the Billy B's show. I need new tires and am wondering what everyone else is using. I have Kenda 205-50-10 golf cart tires. They are 2 ply DOT approved but I think only to 10 miles per hour and are only rated at 665 lbs. each. I have an 18 foot Kurtis...