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    Pro Tip

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    Happy Easter Fuckers!

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    Dave Johnson: Mobile Machinist

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    Hopefully Vin doesn't run one of these....
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    Merry Christmas!

    I hope you all enjoy the holiday!
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    Happy 4/20

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    Holy fuck lmao!

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    Bilgie's Minnesota Adventure "The Book"

    My brother and sister turned that thread into a book and gave it to me for Christmas! Very thoughtful of them! (The Boat was originally named "The Blue Note" my uncle was a jazz musician and composer, blue note is a jazz term) I'm going to have three more books made, one for my Buddy Scott...
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    Hey Shintoooooo,

    What kind of voodoo turban trickery bullshit is this? :D
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    RIP Junior Johnson

    Junior Johnson, a stock-car racing giant whose career spanned the sport’s history as a fierce driver and an innovative mechanic and team owner, has died. Junior Johnson, a stock-car racing giant whose career spanned the sport’s history from its moonshining roots to its modern era as a fierce...
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    Banned the Tool

    See you Grads :D
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    Elf on a shelf?

    Low and slow :D
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    RIP Danny Aiello

    Danny Aiello, the Oscar-nominated actor best known for movies including Do the Right Thing and Moonstruck, has died, PEOPLE confirms. He was 86. “It is with profound sorrow to report that Danny Aiello, beloved husband, father, grandfather, actor and musician passed away last night after a brief...
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    Yo, Kevin!

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    Crazy Deals at the Camp Chef warehouse yesterday!

    Every year Camp Chef has a Friends and Family sale at their warehouse in Logan, Utah. I had never been before, but figured what the hell. Now, Traeger is also based out of Utah, I went to their warehouse sale a year ago and wasn't terribly impressed (And this was before I decided I completely...
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    Steve Torrence = Douchebag

    Never cared much for the guy, he just proved me right. just sayin....