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  1. Outnumbered

    House Electrical Question

    I have a 220 4 prong dryer plug in the laundry garage area that I don't use. It's fed by a double pole 30 amp breaker. I want to use this to create two new 20amp 110v circuits. So, can I just replace the 30 amp double pole breaker with a 20amp double and then wire in two 20 amp outlets at the...
  2. Outnumbered

    My wife rocks!

    Catered suite at the Nitro Circus tonight. Christmas present.
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    Thanks for the section. This is all getting a little overwhelming for me. But...the name freaks me out a little. Maybe we could tweak it a little? Thanks:thumbsup Quotes from the other thread. Thanks Carl:thumbsup
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    Excursion V10

    It is time to dispose of the Failblazer with only 69k miles:eek. Yes, one old lady owner and dealer maintained so IDK why this thing is falling apart:hmm. The latest in this epic fail is the fuel tank is leaking at the filler and the GM recall excludes our model for some odd reason:rolleyes. It...
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    Merry Christmas!

    Just wanted to say Merry Christmas to my RDP friends. I hope you are all doing well and enjoying your day with your families and friends.
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    Router question

    I want to add a few ethernet ports in my house. I have a wireless router with 4 ports. If I want to go to 8 ports and keep the wireless too, can I add a splitter or do I need an entirely new router? Do they make an 8 port wireless? Thx
  7. Outnumbered

    Need some advice on our 2012 Honda Accord accident

    If you recall, I posted a thread a while back about my wife getting hit by a DUI driver back in the end of June. Tweeker pulled out in front of her while she was doing about 45mph and my wife t-boned her. The issue at hand is that the Honda had such a strong book value since it was less than a...
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    Boo Bees

    Sorry, double posted
  9. Outnumbered

    Boo Bees !

  10. Outnumbered

    Anyone have an Adobe CS5 or CS6 package they want to sell?

    Looking for an Adobe Creative Suite package with Illustrator. Version 5+ in windows format in retail or student version. Anyone have a copy laying around they want to sell? Thanks:thumbsup
  11. Outnumbered

    Windows 7 Home Group issues...

    My parents got my daughter a new laptop for school. Acer Aspire M core i5, pretty nice machine. I instructed them to go with Win7 based on what I have heard here about win8. Anyway, home network is both wired and wireless. All PC's are Win7. All wired PC's were able to join the home group...
  12. Outnumbered

    Rare flag...what's it worth?

    (sorry for the crappy cell pics) I acquired this flag from a buddy back in about 1993. He was a steel worker that was helping with the big renovation on the LA Coliseum in 1993. They took the American and the California flags down while they were working and they were told they could keep them...
  13. Outnumbered

    Any legit work from home jobs out there?

    Well shit. With all the work I've been missing lately due to my health I have lost my number one client. I've been working with them for almost 10 years but they don't give a shit. I'm basically out of work. I make twice what my wife makes at her full-time job so we are going to be in a world of...
  14. Outnumbered

    Shark Riders

    :thumbsup http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bj5ufMLKYhk
  15. Outnumbered

    Any auto accident law advice--wife got hit :(

    As I was prepping for my follow up CT scan this AM at Mayo Clinic I get that call that nobody wants to get. A car full of drunk or drugged up teens pulled out in front of my wife on her way to work this AM at 7:30. She ended up in the hospital on a backboard and neck brace. She has no fractures...
  16. Outnumbered

    4Runner Porn

    Stumbled across these pics of a restored and modded 85 4Runner :boobeyes: http://s780.photobucket.com/user/trollcruiser/media/1985%204Runner/IMG_1792.jpg.html?sort=3&o=0
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    2-stroke water bike?

  18. Outnumbered

    Need HVAC advice

    Need advice if I should have any service done on my units. Bought the house and moved in (new) in 5/2004. I have never had the units checked or serviced. It is a Carrier dual split system, gas horizontal air handlers in the attic and R-22 condensers on the side of the house. Units work great but...
  19. Outnumbered

    Working late with the old school on Pandora tonight...

    Hip-hop, body rockin', doing the do...