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  1. toyaddiction

    Anyone here have a two or four post lift in their garage?

    I put in two of the Tuxedo SP-6K-SS single post lifts and am real happy with them. I also have a 4 post but the posts are always in the way. I just exit through the passenger door.
  2. toyaddiction

    Any Mopar Fans in here?

    Here is my fun little street car
  3. toyaddiction

    Mercedes GLE 53 AMG

    After seeing this I will have to beat you up on your pricing more.
  4. toyaddiction

    Margarita recipe

    Old school for me was 1 can of limeade fill can with tequila and add 1/2 can of Triple Sec 1/2 can of Grand Mariner 1 can of beer Mix and drink As I get older, fatter and my stomach bothers me I have to drink the skinny ones. We have had a few friends and family get pregnant after a night of...
  5. toyaddiction

    Gopher eradication

    I ended up digging a 24 inch ditch the length of my property and and dropping in a thick plastic barrier. My neighbor doesn't give a damn about his yard and those little bastards would trash my grass. No gophers anymore. They only travel up to 16 inches below the surface so they can never get...
  6. toyaddiction

    New Mid Engine Corvette

    I waited 9 months for mine. It came in 2 weeks ago and I attended the C8 owners 2 day driving course at Spring Mountain this last weekend. I am impressed with this car. It is comfortable, hauls ass and way cheaper than any other performance car out there. There is no way you can be disappointed...
  7. toyaddiction

    [WTB] Box Truck

    I have one that I have to get rid of by March Isuzu NPR
  8. toyaddiction

    Well let’s hope my neighborhood isn’t the next BLM hotspot!

    I am surprised how many Yorba Linda guys are on here. I will have to walk over and check this out Saturday.
  9. toyaddiction

    Saw one of the coolest Howards ever in parker last weekend

    This was my first boat. Its probably rotting in a field somewhere. I went to the boat show, took some pictures and painted it in the garage.
  10. toyaddiction

    Tracking device?

    I have Trak 4 GPS on all my personal vehicles, boats, trailers, RZR, motorcycles, race car and classic cars. Verizon Network Fleet on my company trucks.
  11. toyaddiction

    HTM Boat stolen tonight..

    Put a tracker on your boat. They are cheap. I know where all my toys are.
  12. toyaddiction

    Jackson Hole Trip

    We are going in mid October. 4 days in Grand Teton and 5 days in West Yellowstone. Is it worth it to take the Jeep or drive something more comfortable. I was hoping we could do some trails. Sucks driving that thing on the highway. I am hoping it wont be as crowded.
  13. toyaddiction

    Bring a Trailer Tahoe Boat Museum Auction

    If you like cars and boats you need to check out this auction website. They will be auctioning off the entire inventory of the Lake Tahoe Boat Museum over the next couple of months. Check it out. https://bringatrailer.com/auctions/ Here are a few that are listed this week.
  14. toyaddiction

    Any playcraft pontoon owners here?

    I have the 25ft Infinity with a 250 Verado in Big Bear. It was the right size for that lake and has held up well for 4 seasons of sitting outside at the dock. We love that thing and have had no problems. Runs 42 on Havasu and 42 in the mountains. We ordered it from Mike at Horizon. It took a...
  15. toyaddiction

    GPS boat tracker

    If your looking for something for theft recovery I have Trak 4 GPS. I have them wired to the batteries on all of my toys. Purchased them on Amazon. $50 buck each and $90 a year. You can upgrade how often it pings the location but I figured the cheapest option works fine. I keep seeing everyone...
  16. toyaddiction

    C8 Corvette - updated info

    Mine had delivery date of August 1st. It is now pushed forward to November 29th. I am over it at this point but have a 10K refundable deposit. I wouldn't mind waiting for a 2021 or Z06 at this point. I guess I will keep being patient until it shows up. I agree with the interior. You are not...
  17. toyaddiction

    Gelcoat 102

    I don't give a shit about all the political or news posts that are on this site. I want to see pictures of people enjoying family time or technical information on how all of our boats were built or how we can make them better. I can google my boat and track it from when it was in the mold in...
  18. toyaddiction

    Customer states "unit not cooling"....

    Job security. Gotta love it. I need some new boat parts
  19. toyaddiction

    Before your trailer, boat or RZR gets stolen

    No affiliation and I don't make anything off it. It seems like every week someone is posting on Facebook and here that something was stolen. It makes sense for $80.00 per year and a $50.00 investment. I hate thieves. I just found this system and think that it is cool and wanted to share. We...
  20. toyaddiction

    Before your trailer, boat or RZR gets stolen

    I had a trailer stolen last year. Pissed me off and I keep seeing posts of everyone getting their hard work stolen. I put these on everything. Seems like cheap insurance to get it back.