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    You are correct sir. Good catch.
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    New Sprint/Tmobile SIM card

    Thanks for the heads-up.
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    New Sprint/Tmobile SIM card

    They sent me an envelope with SIM cards for all the phones on our family plan. I haven't done anything with them yet. I should probably go to the Sprint/T-mobile store nearby and see what the dealio is. We have 5 iPhone and my Pixel. I'm the Android holdout. I just logged-in to the...
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    If you can get $$ into Roth, this is correct. If you decide to convert Trad $$, do some math on breakeven scenarios. It's usually a time (how long will the Roth have to grow since your income tax on conversion becomes a current expense). Roth IRA contributions (capital) can be taken out after...
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    Roth Conversions don't have any income limitations. Just the Roth Contributions. Your company 401k impacts the "deductibility" of a Traditional IRA contribution, but not the possibility. The deduction amount, if any, is "phased-out" by income when your employer has a 401k or other sponsored...
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    2021 Stock Market

    A mentor of mine offered this: "Learn from mistakes, both losses and missed opportunity. But don't opine them. You didn't do what you now envision you had done, so don't think it was as obvious decision as it seems now. It's faulty human nature to "I wish I woulda" and calculate all the...
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    2021 Stock Market

    It shouldn't be an excuse to hang on to losers, but even great companies have correction moves. $AAPL, arguably the greatest growth stock of our generation, had 5 drawdowns (performance off high) of over 50% and many other painful pullbacks in the last 20 years. M2/I don't own any shares...
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    2021 Stock Market

    Didn't expect to type this much. Oh well.... While that is conventional and reasonable, it is only true of a company with limited or relatively limited growth potential, which you are correct in your assessement of $BA. Boeing, while a critical company and seemingly well run, w/out...
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    New Boat

    Ha, I just looked again: Length 27'6" Beam 8' That's huge. You could have been a consultant to the ship stuck in the Suez canal. Makes the performance comments more impressive.
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    New Boat

    Does that drive have any trim adjust? If you put a touch of plates down, would that help the handling or are those just too big and designed for creating the wedge/wake? Does the hull get up on plane much at speed or does it basically push/plow like the Malibu/Nautique, etc.? 47-50 is a pretty...
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    Final Fours

    USC men had a good run also. Coach Enfield seems to have figured out what works. Gonzaga is really good. Coach Few recruits exactly to the strengths of his program and system. Impressive what he has done over the years.
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    New Boat

    Bro, scrolling thru and thinking to myself, this guy gets it (selling the 240 notwithstanding :p); what great family memories. Nice spot for an early morning devo and some Getty worship music. Keep loving on your crew. This world is a fiasco. Building strong family is a blessing to you and...
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    Mars Rover landing today

    It blows my mind that a spacecraft can travel seven months to get to a far-away planet and will be under controlled observation and then have smaller crafts and machines controlled by a station here on earth after it lands. Amazing. I have to believe the competition of private outfits like...
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    Gopher eradication

    Get a few cats. Seriously, I was never a cat guy. Now, I will always have at least one cat. We don't do the litter-box thing and feed lightly so they have an interest in hunting. I've had as many as three, but now just one. We have had her about 5 years and she is still a hunting machine...
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    Hill Props 5 Blade has anyone tried one? If not you should. Worked fantastic everywhere on my Hallett 210

    I picked up a prop from Hill Marine recently which they did some work on. I had them put a bit more pitch and slight cup in my 3-blade. He did a tune on both my 4-blade and this 3-blade over a year ago and I wanted to take some RPM off the top-end at WOT. They have been easy to work with and...
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    Portable Garage

    Lots of good info here. I have also had some issues with wind, etc.. I now have mine anchored with six heavy-duty straps and corkscrew anchors in the hard dirt. It is also up against tall hedge on two sides. It is over a concrete pad. I have a 18'x30' - 2" steel pole frame with just the...
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    Is this a good idea?

    Do the opposite. Especially if you don't have room at the house to keep it nearby. Rent a trailer or toyhauler for the few times a year you want to use it. There are even setups that will put the trailer out there (Glamis, PCH, etc.) for your weekend. Shoot, you could do that or tow it...
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    Random Thoughts while..

    I've got a buggy ground-prong on a few trailer running lights that is oddly sensitive right after I have checked it for the fourth time and pull onto the freeway. I think some of the aluminum pieces get dirt or corroded and it's a guess when they will work.
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    Bow runners/long towels etc

    I keep a thin oversized neoprene yoga mat rolled-up under the bow. Works great for when the kids want to get their vest/ski on and have the handles to slide in from the bow.