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    US oil hits 32 month high

    High gas prices suck and losing the XL pipeline did cost some decent jobs for short term, but its a drop in the bucket to all the jobs gained when Oil Bidness is rolling! Bidness isn't a misspell either , i think that's how they say it in Texas.
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    One a day boats

    One a day keeps his shit clean, but it isn't 125k clean. But what do i know, new owner will probably get 145k.
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    US oil hits 32 month high

    Loving my BPT today, pay little extra for gas and make it up with energy stocks.
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    wonder what shortage is next?

    Dam that was a banger! scary stuff right there.
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    Boat/Ride Question

    I had same boat, get a kidney belt or slow down is you best bet. Boat just wasn't made for the river or Havasu on a weekend in todays busy times. One other thing, we had a buddy who was a newer boater and he had no clue that everyone was getting beat to fck just so he could impress us with the...
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    Bloody beers??

    Ordered a bottle to give it a try.
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    So Mexico tourist spots are safe??...

    Being safe in a Mexican resort and being safe in Mexico in general are 2 different things. I follow quite a few living in Mexico vloggers, one thing for sure, you don't keep your eyes open you will get your onion peeled for sure.
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    Bloody beers??

    Nice little combo, little juice out of the green olive jar kicks it up a little also.
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    Pretty good article on the housing craze...

    Bad timing if your a young buck, I don't care if you make 200k, getting into a house will be tough in so cal. You got a wife making same you might have a chance, or a parent loaning you 200-300k for down.
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    Need input...

    I used both for launching wave runners, only problem with g-cart is a crappy ramp like echo lodge you have to get in a little deep and a wet belt wont allow cart to pull out ski. I pretty much used my rzr everything.
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    Recently retired and moving to arizona

    Congrats on retirement!
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    So Mexico tourist spots are safe??...

    Had a spot at casa dorada next to the office, its only 20ft stumble to gate, so pretty safe lol.
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    Someone having a bad day in front of castle rock shores

    Ecoboost for sure! probably pulling in too fast to get some over priced carne asada and the new tires he put on his new truck couldn't handle it.
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    Bloody beers??

    Pretty much drink every Coors light with a splash of zing zang, just makes it better, plus you can do it on ice in a yeti so it stays cold, this way you don't have to be downing beers before they are warm at river every 2 minutes.
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    Prop 4 Sale - ACME weekend saver kit with 2247

    I switched from a 14.5 to 15 on my MB, it had enough clearance, if its close you can put a little SS plate so you don't get gel burn.
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    Moreno Valley man dies when sea doo expoldes on ramp

    Rip, honestly I have never thought about it, I will now.
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    Any Yamaha salesman contacts?

    Did you try calling Nellie at coyne
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    Any Yamaha salesman contacts?

    MSRP done mean nothingthese days with lower inventory and less for dealerships to sell. I would try nellie at coyne, at least she will get you a starting point on price.
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    What item did you sell too damn cheap!?

    I would wear my fingers out on key board, everything!
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    So I made mention of a new magic box