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    Motorcycle Tire Mounting in Havasu or Bullhead

    https://nexsenmotorsports.com/ These guys have done a bunch of my dirt bike tires. Not sure if they do street stuff or not but they always treat me fair.
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    F26 / Mach 26

    Anytime man! Just let me know when you guys are gonna be around!
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    F26 / Mach 26

    Awesome! Looking forward to it!
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    Cockroach Infestation at the River!

    I was up in Lake of the Ozarks last week and the people I was working for said the same thing is going on up there. In addition, while I was there they had two stabbings and found one of the local bartenders floating in the lake one morning of questionable circumstances. I think a lot of folks...
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    F26 / Mach 26

    I’ve been fortunate to shoot several of these boats for owners over the years. Always been a favorite of mine! And the version Adrenaline is building too…
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    RPM Act and the future of motorsports... EPA strikes again!!!

    I’ll let him know for sure.
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    RPM Act and the future of motorsports... EPA strikes again!!!

    Brent is a friend of mine and what these idiots are doing to him is ridiculous. The guy is one of the nicest and most positive people I’ve ever met. Would give the shirt off his back kind of guy. Even though he has a huge social media (YouTube) following he’s a simple small business and in no...
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    I did my part - did you do yours? (COVID-19)

    Happy to help...
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    Littering pice of shit

    On his IG. Says he’s never been to Havasu. I will say, this guy is consistent with the experience I’ve had with the Sag.
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    Desert Storm in Photo's

    I’ll take a look for both.
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    Desert Storm in Photo's

    which boat is yours? I’ll check to see if I have it in my set.
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    Games Wedding N Honeymoon

    Congrats once again Andrew! Can’t wait to get these pics over to you guys!
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    Hydrofoil Surf Boards

    Last I checked $10-12k but that was a couple years ago.
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    I know, lol. He made a point of contacting me via FB to let me know. Has some concerns about his name being on RDs website.
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    Safemoon to the moon

    LOL. Shit.
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    Bluewater Marina Closed : But Casino Open 24/7

    Launched a few weeks ago at pirates and the end of that ramp has broken up too. Used to be a nice ramp.
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    Love your site but...

    I think I drank $60 worth of free beer at RD’s after party...
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    Who’s going to Boat show / Super Cat / Desert Storm?

    Both! Might even take a couple pics, we’ll see. 😎
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    Weekend boating

    Stoked to see you made it out on the water with the fam!