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    House Painter needed

    Anyone need a extra job doing a 3/2 interior on a condo in Pasadena.
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    F-250 20" takeoff tires

    Anyone rolling stock 20"s and ready for a new set of shoes to keep rolling down the road on the cheap, hit me up. Tires only. Best offer!
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    We are spoiled on Riverdavesplace

    I signed up for a FORD forum, there is so many adds popping up its hard to even navigate it, I don't feel so bad now spending $10 bucks a month on RDP.
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    Sunrise ford

    Well i took a cruise out to sunrise on Sunday just to get my girlfriend out of the house and maybe look at a truck for me. I have never been before or noticed it passing by on freeway and i must say driving out to fontucky i had a mental picture of what it would be like. I was so wrong this...
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    [WTS] ( SOLD) 2019 CHEVY 1500 4X4 Z71 5.3 RST CREW CAB STANDARD BED

    Optioned out pretty good, will post info when I get home. Truck is white with 19,000 miles. $42,000 obo.
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    Rasing cane's

    My girl has been bugging me for sometime to pick some up, didn't know anything about the place except it was a chicken place. Saturday we head over 30-35 cars in line and i said no way. Sunday i give in and we head back over, 40+ cars in line so we decide to wait as it must be good. Get to the...
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    Trump rally

    What's up with HB? Still doing trump rallies, I thought it was over.
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    Shop items for sale

    I know this should be in classifieds but I'm not selling stuff, this is a friends marine repair shop in costa mesa that is closing, lots of items for sale and can be found on orange county craigslist, under boat parts " INVENTORY CLOSEOUT LIQUIDATION" I know there is a welder, band saw and some...
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    Anyone watching this police chase

    Omg, never seen anything like it, guy is going to kill some innocent person for sure.
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    Homeless camp question

    I drove by the Long beach river camps a few times today and i see R-19 freon bottles everywhere. First question is where do they get it from? Second question is what are they doing with it? I'm guessing maybe huffing it or something .
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    [SOLD] EZ-GO Golf cart, price drop!

    36volt lifted river rig, I don't know year, it has lift kit. 3 12 volt batteries and a charger. Currently at echo lodge Parker $3500 OBO
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    [SOLD] 2002 Carson flatbed trailer.

    Comes with winch and spare. $1200
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    [SOLD] 2016 Yamaha FZR wave runner

    Hate to sell my baby but I am, new battery plugs,oil last trip.One of the fastest no frills wave runners out there. Currently not detailed if someone wants it as is or I can get her all dolled up and add in price. Really don't have time right now. $12,000 Come with so so trailer.
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    [SOLD] 2017 RZR 1000 2 seater

    Car has 900 miles on it. New belt and fuel pump. Lots of upgrades including 3k shock work by Ed the suspension guy. Even has tow hitch to move Pwc's around. Only pic I have which don't show tire carrier.
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    frogstyle knock off surf boat

    Wes was ahead of his time.
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    Cra hiring security guards

    Weekend gig but 30 bucks a hour which is pretty good for Parker dealing with drunks.
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    Boating at home

    So I guess its ok to boat near your home to get outside, anyone know if elsinore is still open?
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    The Hard numbers of Covid

    I think many have turned a blind eye to what this thing is, but i know everyone has a number to know when its no longer doom and gloom and real. We will be a 6000 today 1000 more than yesterday. Hopefully even if people are social distancing at the lake they keep it to themselves. If nothing...
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    Spam calls

    I haven't had 1 spam call in almost 2 weeks, are they off work right now?
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    [SOLD] 2004 21ft toybox ( tail gator )

    I have been using this for storage of my 2 seat RZR for the past 3 years at river. Would make a excellent handy man special looking for a rig on the cheap that need a little elbow grease. I have a container now for storage so no longer needed. Put new tires on it when I took it to river 3 years...