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    Corona Virus in Parker

    2 confirmed cases in Parker
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    Vector Boats

    So who’s Vector is at Nordic?
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    Head on accident on bill Williams bridge

    Just saw this on havasu scanner feed.
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    River Rags Parker

    They are closing there doors on May 1 everything in the store is 50% off
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    Today, September 24th 2016, a subject driving a dark colored BMW, was traveling South on State Route 95, outside of Parker. The driver made a very poor decision and tried to pass several vehicles at once. As oncoming traffic approached, the BMW didn't have enough room to make it back to his/her...
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    Jack Daniels Fire

    Who has tried it? Had it at happy hour. I think it's smoother than fireball :drink
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    Heads up for anyone looking for ammo in Parker

    The GunsFx shop was sold and the new owner has tons of ammo. I just delivered 100,000 rounds of 22 long to him today :thumbup:
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    Early Bird Cafe

    Parker live online has pictures of it on fire
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    Fishing in a storm

    check this video out http://www.kpho.com/video?autoStart=true&topVideoCatNo=default&clipId=9413091 hope I posted this right
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    Problem with JBB goes west thread

    When you click on it it says no thread specified?
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    Daytona Nationwide race

    Did anyone see the wreck at the end of race?
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    Boat explodes at Lake Pleasant

    Just saw it on the news. Boat explodes on 10 lane launch ramp this morning. Hope its not any RDP members.
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    What do you think

    www.autoxten.com/tbryson watch the making money video This is a mlm but it's only a one time $10.00 charge no recurring charges. One person signs up and you get your $10.00 back. The product is simply training material to make money on line. I figured it's only $10 bucks what do I got to lose...
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    The water ski lake at copper and elliot is going to have the gates open tomorrow. They are having a skiing and trick skiing competition. I tried to upload a video off camera phone for you of jumping today to drunk to figure it out. I got it up loaded to hotboatpictures, but not here
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    River Dave

    Can you repost your Alaska pictures from RiverDivas dads lodge
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    Reef Tank lighting

    3 Giesemann Nova II 250 watt hqi lights for reef fish tank..$700.00