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    Need a Landscape Architect in Havasu

    I’ve got a condo association in Havasu that is looking to redesign its front entrance area with a new entrance, entry monument, gate, perimeter walls and landscaping. Don’t need a set of plans, just a good schematic/concept from someone that has a good eye for this stuff. Any referrals would...
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    OC Sewer Line Boring Company?

    So I had one of those weeks, my main line backed up so they stuck a camera down and found out I had a collapse. I’m up and running after 3 days of saw cutting concrete, trenching and a band aid repair, only to find out that about 70’ of my remaining line is 75 year old Orangeburg that goes...
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    Auto Mechanic Referral - Orange County, Costa Mesa Area

    I'm in need of a recommendation for a "go to" general mechanic for maintenance items that periodically come up. Current need is a 2008 Jeep that needs a few things. I used to take everything to the guys at Costa Mesa Brakes but they sold the business. Thanks!
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    Newport Steps Up

    Newport Beach city council just rejected a proposal to close the beaches. It is not often that I find myself proud of my local government, and I love the fact that they didn’t succumb to Gavin’s call out on Sunday that Newport is “an example of what not to do.” Let freedom ring.
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    Deck Waterproofing Replacement in OC

    I have 150sqft of exterior deck at my house that needs to be replaced; the prior company that I hired put down Dex-o-Tex that lasted about 5 years and cost me way too much. I'm hoping that someone can give me a referral for a company in the HB area that could do the work and a system that is...
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    Concrete Job in Havasu

    I've got a pretty big job that I need to bid out in Havasu - about 2300 yards of concrete driveway and some perimeter pavers installed after existing asphalt, curbs removed, water/sewer power lines replaced before the new pour. Ideally would want one company to come in and do all the...
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    Southwest Firearms Party

    Full disclosure, I’m not an owner or affiliated but it looks like a local Havasu gun store is giving away free swag, food and even an AR-15 this Saturday. Thought it might be worth mentioning to RDP’ers who might want to stop by on the way to the Brewfest.
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    Havasu Artificial Turf Install

    I have a small patio area that I'm going to turf, anyone have a recommendation? The vendor that Home Cheapo referred me to is not getting back to me. Thanks.
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    AZ-CA Truck Registration Question

    Got a question for the braintrust. About 3 months ago I bought a used truck in CA that I registered and have kept at my second home in AZ ever since, as I intended to keep it out there use it for a tow/launch/around town in LHC. Fast forward to yesterday when my daily driver here in CA took a...
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    Havasu Shower Glass

    Looking for a recommendation to install some frameless glass partitions for a shower in LHC. Thanks!
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    Havasu Appraiser

    I'm in need of a professional appraiser to provide a FMV opinion for about a dozen different kinds of vehicles - cars, trucks, trailers, motorcyles and one boat (a 2003 Warlock). All of the stuff is in Havasu. Thanks in advance for any help!
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    Storm Travel

    I'm headed back to OC tomorrow from Havasu, can't leave earlier than noon. Given the rain that is coming, what route home would you recommend? Thinking Ehrenberg, I think Rice will close and the Cajon will be a #*| show.
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    Used Quad Purchase

    Can someone school me on what I'll need to make sure the seller signs/does when I buy a quad this weekend that has been titled, plated and registered in AZ (and I'm keeping it in AZ)? Do I just get him to just sign and notarize (AZ DOT website seems to indicate that it needs to be notarized?)...
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    Jukebox Repair Needed

    In Havasu...it is an older Wurlitzer, my guess is late '70s, it was working before I stuck it in my pickup and hauled it out from Orange County.