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    Offering new custom interiors for Liberator Boats

    These interiors are now offered by Liberator Boats of Florida. It's a $3500 upgrade from the standard interior or $5500 to buy outright
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    Now offering custom lighting and powdercoating on Liberator aluminum trailers

    This is a new Liberator trailer with LED lighting and lazer cut LIBERATOR logos. Powdercoating is available in any color.
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    I am pretty excited to announce the “Venom Vent” is now in production! Patent pending. This drop in vent will fit all Mercury V8’s. We have made a mold of Steve Bishop's handcrafted design in effort to create a clean affordable solution to bringing more air into the heavy breathing V8, and cut...
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    New 22 Liberator with 450R coming to Lake Havasu

    I had some Lake Havasu customers fly in today to test drive and order a 22 Liberator. I only had the 450 boat available to test. They ended up ordering one with a 450R. Boat still ran 111 on the rev limiter with 4 people on board.
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    Finally finished this 22 Liberator with a 450R

    Finally got the blue 450 boat completed and the motor programed. Supposed to get into the 70's later this week, so I'll run it then.
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    Couple 450R powered 22 Liberators nearing completion!

    I am finishing up these two 450R powered 22 Liberators for customers. Been waiting for a month for some harnesses from Mercury. They finally got here last week. Testing will start next week. We have developed some new vents for the cowls to test. (the 450's do not get enough air with the stock...
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    5 Liberators running the Suwannee River in Florida

    Went on the annual November boat run on the Suwannee River with 5 Liberators!
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    Comming soon! New single engine 24 Cat designed by Doug Wright

    COMING SOON! I am working on a new cat design with a couple other guys. This boat is 24ft. Doug Wright is designing the boat and building the plug with the monster CNC machine. Boat is 102" wide and cockpit will be about 90" wide. Tunnel should be about 60". All depends on Doug's final figuers...
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    I made a little video of all the Liberator Cats I have ready for sale.

    That time of year again! I'm trying to stock up for the upcoming season. I still have four more on order. Busy, Busy!!
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    Empty Hitch from Texas to Havasu

    EMPTY HITCH, TEXAS TO HAVASU. My delivery guy has an open hitch from Texas to Lake Havasu this Saturday Feb 8th going to Havasu from Texas. Anyone need a boat transported call Doug at 863-677-0729
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    Anyone need any Mercury 300 V8's?

    300R and 300 ProXS Mercurys in stock. Many configurations. Call Randy 386-295-2132
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    450R beer run!

    Went to the lake today, but ran out of beer. My friend Steve caught me on the way to the store. Now for sale at $108K 2020 22 Liberator
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    22 Liberator with 450R acceleration video

    I ran the 22 Liberator with the new Mercury 450R V8 again today and my buddy Steve Bishop had his Go Pro. Ran 123 with a Hill 34" x 15.25 five blade cleaver. The new Porta Race bracket sure helped alot wkile trying to get the best top speed. Amazing how strong they are while holding this 450hp...
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    New 300R and 400R for sale

    I have two new 300R's and a new 400R for sale. All are RH, 20" shaft; with 1.75 gearcases. 300R's are $26,500 each. 400R is $29,500. Email Liberatorboats@yahoo.com or call Randy at 386-295-2132. I ship anywhere.
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    Getting my first 450R next week.

    It will be going on a new 22 Liberator and then be for sale after testing. I'm painting the boat now. This is what I started with.
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    Newest 25 Liberator with 300R's

    I just finished this new 25 a couple weeks ago. Ran 116 with 38 x 15.25 Hill cleavers. May do better when things cool down. 91 degrees at 100% humidity.
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    Finally finished a new 25 Liberator with 300R's

    VIDEO: Finally finished the newest 25 Liberator after 5 months. Best of everything. I'll water test it today. Price with 300R's is $174K Call Randy at 386-295-2132
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    Just finished a new 22 Liberator with 300R

    Water tested the newest 22 Liberator today. This boat has every available option and is $73,500. As usual, it ran 112 with the Hill 34 x 15.25 five blade cleaver. I've been selling a bunch of these props. Made for the 300R and 400R. Also, check out the new decals I'm getting made now! $150 a...