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    Donald just landed at SNA - John Wayne airport

    He is supposed to be in Prescott tomorrow. I wonder where he will land? Prescott airport cant be big enough is it???
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    San Andreas is going off

    YeA! Need some ocean front property in Arizona! Dont remember who's song that was?
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    My new best friend. An air fryer

    Dam! Pretty sure I got one of those in the garage in the box unopened from x-mas from my sister I think. I was thinking was another crock pot or something. Guess I better dig it out and see and try.
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    The most ridiculous steering wheel cover ever

    Seen one on a Smart Car near San Fran a while back.
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    I don’t give a shit what you say.. bad ass

    Because guys with paddle boards are GAY!
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    Antelope marina closure. Did you know?

    I worked for one for 15 years, and agree. When I started with them, was mostly tribal ran, with some non-tribal. When they decided to to go big, they were really open to the non-tribal upper management. They ended up going mostly non-tribal upper management and built an amazing new casino-hotel...
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    Friend of my dads has been a pool guy for 40+ years told me years ago after i bought my house with a pool, after having a party, alot of friends over, or a monsoon storm to dump a bag of shock in the pool that night!
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    YEP! I admit, I peed in Grads pool!
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    Cigarettes and even better in Alaska

    Wait a minute, who did Grads suck off to get back on here already???
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    AATIP, Tucker, UFO’s

    I tried to watch the other night on Prime but it said I had to pay $15???? WTF? I pay for prime already!
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    It's like guys with big lifted trucks. Small penis envy!
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    Popular food you’ve NEVER had.

    OMG, I have a Spam story for you! I never had it growing up, even all the hunting trips with my dad and his buddy that would eat it all weekend long. I would just have PBJ, or plain bread. Well, FF 10 years or so, went camping with some friends at dunes. We are packing up to leave on Sunday...
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    is there offroading at or around lake pleasant???

    The water in Pleasant comes from the Agua Fria River, not the CAP. Some water from Pleasant goes into the CAP though.
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    WOW there area lot of parked planes

    Yep. Pretty much ready to go at any time.
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    WOW there area lot of parked planes

    Good friend of mine is a supervisor in the engine shop for Delta in Atlanta. I was talking to him a couple weeks ago and he told me they (Delta) had over 560 planes parked, early retired over 100 MD88 and MD90's, and going to sell off their 18 777's.
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    Four Peaks burning up

    I wouldnt be surprised if they close Saguaro Lake or at least all the coves and Sandy Beach, Butcher Jones, etc before any monsoons begin. All those washes come from where the fire has burned everything.
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    Android: Find My Device

    There are apps you can install on someone's phone that allow you to track that phone from your phone and see where it is and has been. Some of them are "hidden" apps that have names you would not know what they are. My neighbor put an app on his kids phones and also his wife (now ex).
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    Fuk NASCAR

    what did i miss?
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    Getting Offshore Air

    Worked for me, but now I want my 30 seconds back!
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    Saw Grads at the lake today!