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  1. One2go

    Some People Need To Be Buried.......

    So many scum fuckers out there.hard to believe
  2. One2go

    WTB. Sand Car ...SCU,SU,.... ?

    Your car is coming out awesome. Is out to powder coat ? Was building turbo/ exhaust set up when saw it last
  3. One2go

    2008 Harley Davidson FLHX Street Glide

    Wish I had seen your 16 when u listed … Would be in my garage ,lol
  4. One2go

    WTB. Sand Car ...SCU,SU,.... ?

    Call Ed. 909-226-8867
  5. One2go

    WTB. Sand Car ...SCU,SU,.... ?

    Yeah I’m friends with Ramon and Ed. They have 2-3 cars sold and building,slow go tho.won’t be getting a car from them tell following year. Can’t get trans also. No sequential mendi’s or Albins available
  6. One2go

    WTB. Sand Car ...SCU,SU,.... ?

    Will be if find right car.
  7. One2go

    WTB. Sand Car ...SCU,SU,.... ?

    Big 5 Subi.
  8. One2go

    WTB. Sand Car ...SCU,SU,.... ?

    Anything out there not currently on str8 up trader or Race dez.Currently have a funco gen 4,looking to upgrade.50-100 k Thanks
  9. One2go

    Competitive sports, kid needs to make a choice.

    👆🏻That's exactly what I was talking about.Small Div 2-3 school great education and play.8 girls on my daughters team had offers and 5 were small schools.they all graduated already and was so great to follow them ! Sounds like your on top of it. Awesome!
  10. One2go

    Competitive sports, kid needs to make a choice.

    I'm sure it always will be brutal as the kids and parents want a scholarship as the "gold at end of the rainbow ",college coaches usually don't even go or talk to high school coaches much ( at least didn't when my daughter played club & high school 7years ago) they go to tournaments ( surf...
  11. One2go

    Competitive sports, kid needs to make a choice.

    Daughter played club since was 8-9 I believe,Was on good club but always looked to move up to better level club. Moved 3 total times. Actually went to so Orange County team because team was very good and coaches were connected to college coaches.Was what she wanted to do...Ended up full ride to...
  12. One2go

    Need a “TOAD” like YESTERDAY

    Not trying to change your rv park plans but we just did this last summer and if your looking for a top 9-10 rv park next to west Yellowstone entrance...check out Grizzly Rv park in west Yellowstone. Was crazy nice and backs up to walk trails. 1 mile from entrance of park. All the stuff your kids...
  13. One2go

    Pool Tile Cleaning

    In California ?
  14. One2go

    Pool Tile Cleaning

    Need to do this except in SoCal..La Verne area, Curious the cost roughly? Was media blast or ?
  15. One2go

    Mammoth / June Lake area

    Cool thread..great info
  16. One2go

    Motorhome towing question

    You have a pusher now correct? Most likely a freightliner chassis with Air brakes ? If so not a problem IMO, Receivers are usually always only 10 k rated Towed a stacker with way more than that in it for years. Is it technically legal.. probably not. LOL
  17. One2go

    Best price for turbo rzr s with dynamic

    When you say shipped is that out to Cali? Was that included 😳
  18. One2go

    Cross country trip....

    Great thread....some day for us as well !!
  19. One2go

    The getting old and retiring in Havasu thread.

    That's big concern for me as well,lol. Doing the week/weekend deal for the last 20 years at the islander its a different Lifestyle for sure. Plan for us is leave sometime around late June and take motorhome where its cooler for few months.Reverse snow birds sorta