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    Container pick up

    I need to have a container picked up at the port of Long Beach going to Bakersfield and then return the empty container to Long Beach. It’s a 40’ high cube.
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    Free GMT tunnel

    Not my boat and it looks very weathered but there is a free Gmt tunnel on craigslist Fresno.
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    2015 Sanger barefooter

    2015 Sanger DX11 Barefooter Tournament barefoot/slalom ski boat Indmar 409 Hp engine Direct drive Zero Off speed control No ballast tanks Swoop tower with ski and board racks 2017 tandem trailer(new trailer not shown in pictures) 130 hours Tower mounted Bimini top Original shipping cover...
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    Could it be?
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    7 trailer tires and wheels

    7 Trailer tires and wheels for sale $450.00 p215/60R15. I bought them for a project but decided not to use them.
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    VM Trailers...first class

    In 2015 I bought a new tournament barefoot boat and ordered it with a single axle trailer (easier to move around by hand in the garage) it was a pretty nice production type trailer, nothing fancy but served its purpose. Over the two years I've had it the frame started to sag. From the center of...
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    20' Phantom hull free to good home

    This is a proven f2 water ski race boat, Jody Cambells old boat. Hull only, was rigged for Mercury 300xs. It has a few stress cracks and the deck could buffed out but it could be used as is. Bring your trailer and come and get it. PM for pictures and more info. This is for the hull only, no...
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    Vessel view 7 size?

    Can some one tell me the outside dimensions of a vessel view 7 cover? I'm trying to decide if I have enough room to add one. Thanks
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    Educate me about strakes

    Maybe this has been talked about here before. But what is the theory about how strakes work? Some of the boats I've had have several while others only have one on each side, some run all the way to the transom while others stop about 3/4 of the way to the back. Thanks for any info.
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    Catalina Race history questions

    Has there ever been an outboard powered boat that won overall or women's overall? And when was the last year a 21' or smaller boat won overall and who was the skier?
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    What it's all about

    its going to be another great weekend
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    Haltech engine management system

    Does anyone have experience with or knowledge of Haltech engine management system? It looks pretty interesting maybe an alternative to vessel view 7. Is it hard to see the screen in the sun? Thinking about using it with a 300xs.
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    Six sons and our boating life

    The youngest of our six sons will graduate high school in two weeks and then he's off to college! We are almost empty-nesters after 32 years of Boys. All the ups and and downs. This will be the fifth to graduate high school (we lost one halfway through his senior year). The two oldest have a...
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    Fiberglass shop recommendations

    I picked up a very light outboard boat a couple months ago and I'm ready to get started cleaning it up. It has quite a few stress cracks in the deck but the transom and the floor seems to be solid. In the past I have used Islander and Pat's. No complaints with the finished product from either...
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    Will OCM have an entry in the enduro?

    Will Tim race or sponsor the enduro this year?
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    Did he get paid?

    Don't want to stir up the Indians, but I don't want read a bunch of pages to find the answer. When I went to bed last night Dave said 29 would get paid today. 29 said he would be stalled a little longer... So how did it end?
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    Who put the K in Kustom?

    I'm doing a little job for the man that may have put the K in Kustom. The car guys would probably say it was his father, Frank. But I'm a boat guy so I would say it was Arlen.
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    Hole in the bottom of my new boat

    I ordered a new boat this year and picked it up a couple weeks ago. When I get it home I crawl all over it to check it out. Every thing looks great, but I found what looks like a hole right by where the prop shaft come through the bottom of the boat. It looks like the they filled the hole with...
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    Wet tee-shirt contest....WINNER!

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    GPS help

    I need recommendations for a hand held GPS for a trip to Catalina ? In the past I have always used a compass and have been just fine, but I feel a little nervous when it's foggy.