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    Looking for a small breed puppy

    Same here not a fan of small dogs. In-laws got the now ex a Yorkie and that was the smartest/best dog ever!! She would ride the center console to the river and would give a soft bark if she needed to piss. I would pull over she would run 10’ away, do her thing and run back.
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    Lost Ship of The Desert

    What’s that? Never heard of it.
  3. J

    Az Mom !!

    So I’m guessing the chair came before him.
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    Need info. Anybody recognize this drawing

    It’s a time capsule!
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    What year was the first damn dam run? The first one I went on was when 3DO, Bling Bling, Dry Heat only and many others. I just can’t remember the date without looking at some old pics.
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    MTI Fun Run @ Supercatfest West

  7. J

    Bahama Industries

    Maybe shockwave Bob has some info.
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    I hope this video posts...... it’s my 1st Instagram video post.

    Worked better than some of the videos posted on here.
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    Prayers for a board member

    Prayers sent to AZ Geo. Hate hearing this stuff.
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    Pops NBS Chevy

    Sweet truck! Who did the interior?
  11. J

    Broke down, bought a new truck

    You answered a lot of questions I had.
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    Fuck Covid 19 that started something real bad for our pit marshal at the track

    Toxins will definitely make a person go wacko. This happened to my grandpa from a dam urinary track infection. He was great one weekend and the following weekend it was like he had Alzheimer’s. This was a miss diagnosis of a urinary track infection, he was 96 and would have made 100 easily. They...
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    Indy 500

    Good race'!!!!!!!!!
  14. J

    15/215 Interchange NB

  15. J

    Public school curriculum BS

    All this shit is brain washing our young kids early on. I’m cool with someone being gay, but I’m sorry God made you a boy or a girl and it is what it is. I’m pretty sure he doesn’t make mistakes.
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    Need Help With a Scam?

    Just wondering who is the real scammer here?
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    Proud of our 13 YO Granddaughter

    That was awesome!
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    F26 / Mach 26

    That’s a bitchin shot.
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    F26 / Mach 26

    I heard something about DCB working on some smaller boats. Shit! maybe it was here. I think a come back to the grass roots would be awesome.. I remember a day in speed alley when a Mach 22 with twins was spotted hauling the mail. First time seeing that boat and it gave me chills, so bad ass for...
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    Todays lol.

    What’s the top 2 companies?