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    The Longer The Jury Is Out...

    The longer the jury is out, the less likely there will be a conviction. The Defense attorney did an excellent job and was likeable. Bet it’s a hung jury after 3-4 days of deliberating.
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    No More Qualified Immunity For Cops In New York

    God help the good people of New York. If they think it was bad before, just wait... No cop will want to do proactive law enforcement, or probably any law enforcement anymore.
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    Mercury 525 Oil and Fuel Filter Change

    Hopefully someone knows this off the top of their head. How many quarts of engine oil does the 525 hold? Also, I’m changing the spin on fuel/water filter. Am I gonna get doused with pressurized fuel when I remove it? Is their a pressure relief that I don’t know about? I did this a couple...
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    LeadNav From One Device To Another

    I have LeadNav on my IPhone with a couple of Havasu off-road routes in it. I just bought an IPad for my CanAm and have LeadNav on that IPad too. I can’t figure out how to get the routes from my IPhone to the IPad. Anyone know?
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    Havasu State Park Campground

    A bunch of us are staying at the RV Park for New Years. Most of us have RV’s, but some are renting the cabins. Anyone know if the cabins have a BBQ or a kitchen? I know they don’t have bathrooms or showers.
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    Towing A StandUp Ski Behind A Boat

    I'm going on a houseboat trip to Powell and I want to bring my SXR1500. Apparently we're going 30 miles away from the marina and I don't want to ride my ski that far. Any suggestions? I've heard you can't tow it behind a boat because water will enter the engine and bilge, or it will flip over.
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    Did Chaz Get Shut Down?

    I haven't seen any news stories on this lately, so I'm willing to bet that it got shut down and cleanup has begun. The fuckin news media sure had a great time reporting on it numerous times when it was active. What now? No story to fit your bullshit agenda? How about reporting on all the...
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    Did I Blow A Seal?

    On the way home from Havasu yesterday, it was 108* and at the Barstow fuel stop I noticed grease slung all over one of the boat trailer wheels. The other five trailer wheels were fine. Did I blow a seal in the bearing buddy? Did grease come out because of the extreme heat? Any know how to...
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    Stolen Valor

    Anyone else see that piece of shit Pelosi giving George Floyds family an encased, folded military flag? Jesus when will it end???
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    Protestors In Santa Clarita Tomorrow

    It's all over FB, and a buddy from SCT Station confirmed it. They are expecting 1000 protestors. I just drove past the Sheriff station and there were 10-15 stupid white kids with Black Lives Matter signs standing in front. One dipshits sign said, Black Trans Lives Matter Too. Where the fuck...
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    A few of us were going to take the CanAms to Cal City for the weekend. I just called their Command Post. The officer said the riding area is closed by order if the Governor. This is really pissing me off!
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    New To Me Ferrari F430

    So last weekend I bought my dream car. Something I've wanted all my life. My wife and I went to CNC Motorsports in Upland, just to look. I purposely left my Porsche and my checkbook at home. Yea, that didn't help lol. I bought a 2009 Ferrari F430 with 14,000 miles on it. My question is for...
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    [WTB] Anyone have a Kawasaki Stand Up for sale?

    I'm looking for a 2017 or newer Kawasaki Stand Up Ski, must be in excellent shape and stock.
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    My dog just got skunk sprayed

    We just gave him a bath and my wife is blow dying him in the kitchen right now. The whole house smells like skunk. Anyone have any suggestions to get the smell out of the house? F the dog, he deserves what he got.
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    Anyone Know If It's The Same?

    I've got a 2008 Conquest Topcat I and there us a gouge in the top of the slotted deck on the front of my boat. I think Magic's have a similar part on their deck boats. Anyone know if it's the same and will fit? I talked to Candy at Conquest a couple of weeks ago, and they're not making that...
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    Turtle Wax Spray and Shine

    Anyone know if you can use it on gelcoat? I use it on all my vehicles and it works amazing. There's several YouTube videos on it.
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    XR Drive scratched

    So I was hanging out at 3 Dunes over the 4th weekend and scratched and gouged the crap out of my drive. I didn't realize the drive was bouncing on the rocky shore until it was too late. I ordered the rattlecan paint and primer from Mercury. Anyone know if it holds up, or should I get some...
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    Duffy Boat

    We rented an electric Duffy a couple weeks ago at Ventura harbor and had a blast. We only had it for and hour and did some sightseeing around the marina and homes. Anyone know of a beater that needs refurbishing? I think I want one.
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    Off The Grid Expeditions

    Well my wife and I leave tomorrow our first trip with Off The Grid Expeditions. It's a full Baja peninsula run, 1520 miles over 7 days. It starts at the Tecate border and ends in Cabo 7 days later. I bought a 2019 Can Am X3 Max a few months ago, with this trip in mind. If I can figure out how...
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    Mercury 525 Question

    Long time lurker, new member and I have a question about my boat. Hope someone can help me. I've got a Mercury 525 in my 2008 Topcat I, and a very reputable shop told me that as part of the maintenance I need to change the gear oil in the fuel pump or some kind of pump. Apparently there is a...