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    Saw Grads at the lake today!

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    Ever had a big bruise?

    Found this on my phone today. This was taken almost two years ago to the day. SOmewhere between 4/7-4/9 2018. I did not know i had it until i was transferred to ICU and the nurses did their "full body skin check". I knew i had fallen backward, but my back did not hurt. It did itch for a couple...
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    Jailbraking a cell phone?

    Anyone have any good ideas, websites, places in Phoenix East valley? Here is my dilemma. I picked up a phone last weekend from a friend of a friend who got it for her teenage kid like 2 months ago. She paid cash for the phone and was on a month to month plan (MetroPCS) for almost 3 months and...
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    So I need to get glasses. Getting old I guess. Whats your opinion. Sam's Club, or Walmart? I have heard good about both, and Costco (im not a member). I hear Walmart is a little cheaper, but only go there when I have to and not sure about something as important as my eyesight is worth the...
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    Office chair?

    Anyone need a office chair? Found this earlier.