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    Wake boat cover flat out works!

    What material is a wake boat cover made from? I have an expensive sunbrella cover that works...just ok. You have to clean with soap and some bleach each year and reseal with 303. Never looks great in areas with rain. Wake boats have it figured out. Good material that always looks good, no...
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    Internet bench racing a 700hp LS marine engine...I want 2

    -braintrust, what do you think the parts recipe is for the most reliable whippled LS? Longer lasting that a Teague 825 if possible. What block, heads, crank, blower size, intercooler, bore, stroke, whipple size, etc.
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    530rl...I’m conservative and all for minimum wage

    We live in clown world with schools closed and borders open. Illegals are pouring over for better paying jobs...who could blame them! A better min wage will naturally incentivize business to hire english speaking semi skilled Americans. My 15 year old landed a $14 per hour ( under the table)...
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    Let’s play a little game - Imco SCX drive

    650 tq @ 4200 rpm, 700 HP @ 6000rpm to a Teague platinum XR.....is similar to what HP & TQ to an Imco SCX? I want more power just cuz...but I don’t want to max out the drive more than I am now. I have already rebuilt the TCM XR And I’m easy going. 5000 lb deck boat single.
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    GameStop stock play

    I am surprised this is not being discussed here??? Biggest fuck you to the establishment. Biggest populist revolt in a long time. AOC and Don Jr...united. Is this the unity Jao Bi Den promised? A true awakening.
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    Boomers...the worthless generation!

    Don’t get pissed by your birthdate...this is more about the idiots of your generation. Read this book! https://www.amazon.com/Boomers-Promised-Freedom-Delivered-Disaster/dp/0593086759/ref=nodl_ @530RL Just as useless as his hippy buddies.
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    Remember when big business was Republican?

    I can’t think of a major corp...fortune 500 that wasn’t for the dems? What happened? Hmmm
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    If anyone wants to see the big picture...

    Discussing politics has it’s purpose but I believe that we are at a turning point in history. More specifically the 4th turning point. This 1 page document is an eye opener as to where we have been and exactly where we are now. And why populist nationalism is the only way to get the country...
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    What can you do about it??

    This is not an election. At least, not like any I have witnessed in this country. pick a contested state. Call and email the REPUBLICAN state legislature and let them know you are pissed!!! You will do anything you can to replace them if they don’t at least decertify. They are pussy...
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    I’m back from VACATION!

    Trump is your President!
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    @grandpamac, @squeezer, @rodnjen, @ bobbyv

    Keep it short. Who’s your #1 and # 2and # 3 presidents...ever? We are all Americans...I want to know. I probably agree.
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    The Overstock.com CEO is exposing election Fraud?

    Alright...this shit is too crazy to be true...right??? Like an over the top sci fi thriller. someone please tell me this is bullshit so I can actually go to sleep tonight. https://www.cnn.com/2019/08/22/business/overstock-ceo-patrick-byrne-resigns/index.html
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    Where are the President Trump rallies?

    I know you are thinking the same. He is waiting for certainty. What say you?
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    Everyone can relax, President Trump wins!

    My blood is boiling over the reported Fraud in the election. If Trump loses fair and square then so be it, but Election theft is abhorrent...and a permanent stain on the Nation. But you can breath a sigh of relief...our Founders have put a contingency plan in place. If this injustice cannot...
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    Vote with half your brain

    As a CA native that has left my home...please consider this: CA was the place for unlimited freedom, new beginnings, best weather, amazing landscape. CA was AMERICA. 40 million people. Our Country is massive but at least 1 in 10 is from CA. Now it is a ONE party system. Everyone from CA...
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    Kitchen remodel

    cabinets are ripped out...wife decides she wants dimmable led hardwired under cab lighting. I have 4 days to get them here. there seem to be hundreds of options. Anyone have a good product that you have used?
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    3m gelcoat polish system

    I don’t have a good detailer that I trust in the area, so I am looking for a one company line of products to simply do it myself. I found the 3m system. Take a look at this video...starting with 800 grit sandpaper seems a little scary...lol. Standard buffer? Or DA random orbit...
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    Retractable Electric LED navigation light

    Who makes these? Mine broke in the up position. Need another or some better replacement
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    Video of the year. Dropped Friday. Both filmmakers in jail

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    Hot rod wheel spacers

    I need a little help from the RDP brain trust. I have a 65 vette, trying to fit 78 Z28 wheels. I need to run a 1/2 in spacer so the wheels don’t hit the calipers. I can’t run any wider without rubbing fender. I orig planned to replace the studs with 1/2” longer studs but now I find that it is...