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  1. nordictom

    Mini Mill

    I just thought I would ask................... I don't have the room for a large mill, so I am looking for a mini mill / Table top type. It doesn't need to be perfect. I don't do any large work or high precision work. If anyone knows of someone that has a mill they don't use, or don't want...
  2. nordictom

    ISO finish? Carpenter in the IE

    Trying to help out a friend who's retired. ISO of a Carpenter to build a small set of exterior house entrance stairs. the wood & fasteners are onsite. I can help out if needed. Looking for availability & cost. Location: Perris, CA., near Caljalco Rd. & 215 size: currently has 5 treads...
  3. nordictom

    Alternator rebuilder

    Who is the alternator rebuilder of choice in So Cal? I used to have a guy in HB (PSC Auto Elect.) but he retired. Thanks, NT
  4. nordictom

    Boat engine hatch found

    I picked up a engine cover / hatch off of the 10 WB today. don't have a photo, was in a hurry to get home & couldn't fit it in my car, (it's in the back of my company truck). long day.......today. embroidered "Eliminator" and purple & white. I will get it on Saturday (Riverside) or in HB later...
  5. nordictom

    Tax Lien Sale - forclosure

    Not sure if this is the correct section...……. Admin's can move it if needed. So, I have made the payments for 3 years on a Coconino County Tax Lien sale certificate. I am into it that much ($$), just wanted to see how it would turn out. Well, I am at the time when I can foreclose. Has anyone...
  6. nordictom

    Road Runner Trailer help

    So I picked up this trailer, it is a 1977 Road Runner. 20' +/- from the hitch to the last crossmember. Does anyone have any info on these trailers? DMV registered it, as a Road Runner, but it was touch & go on the label on the frame. Just looking for info, so I can get the label redone...
  7. nordictom

    Mike Cargile for Congress

    I just received this letter from Mike, that he wrote to Pres. Trump. GO MIKE!
  8. nordictom

    Nevada vehicle title

    So who is the Nevada vehicle title guru? Looking at a few vehicles in Nevada that are wrecked, but look repairable to me. They have NV Non repair title cert's. is it possible to get the title changed to a salvage title? Thanks, NT
  9. nordictom

    For the RDP people the SB / LA county line area

  10. nordictom

    Salt Lake City

    The thread about St. George got me thinking...………….. Daughter is in the masters program at the U in SLC. Wife bought her a used Toyota 4runner to get around in. I went through it, before we shipped it to her. It is a used vehicle, so I am sure something is going to break, or at least need to...
  11. nordictom

    Nevada boat registration

    After searching, with no luck...……….. I thought someone posted how to register you boat in Nevada, without going there? Boat is current reg'd in CA. We have a place in LHC. Is there a Reg service I can call? recommend? Thanks in advance. NT
  12. nordictom

    OC Mobile detailer

    The shoulder surgery thread is making my shoulder just hurt thinking about washing the cars...……. There were no recent mobile detailer referrals, sooooo anyone have a mobile detailer they can recommend? Thanks, NT
  13. nordictom

    Ford truck question

    Here's one for the Ford mechanic(s) ................ 2001 Ford F150 4.6 4x4, 161000 miles. It has a rough idle. When I test vacuum at the manifold my gauge read "retarded ign". Using Autoenginuity software, the front 2 o2 sensors are putting out between .04 to .7 volts, the rear O2 sensors are...
  14. nordictom

    masonry retaining wall

    I found a few old threads on the subject, but most are about a year old.............. we got some new neighbors next door in LHC, older retired couple. They are willing to pay the bill on approx. 4' x 100' of retaining wall. They are nervous about me letting them build the wall on my side of...
  15. nordictom

    Engine Machinist help, not boat related

    OK, maybe I am confusing myself..........................maybe a engine machinist can advise? I have a 1994 350 SBC, I am trying to determine if the crank shaft has been turned down. if so, how much? Here's the numbers that I am dealing with: Connecting rod; from Haynes Manual: Dia...
  16. nordictom

    water softener

    So I need to replace my water softener. The Kenmore that's in the house is 15 years old & is not worth fixing. Who has a hook up / discount coupon (Home Depot or Lowes)? that they can help out with??? Thanks, NT
  17. nordictom

    Air Cond. repair

    I did a quick search for a thread on the go to guy's in LHC for A/C work. Doesn't show up............... Can someone name a few of the good ones in town? Thanks, NT
  18. nordictom

    Air Lift, air bag system

    Bought a Chevy Truck, 1994 K1500 4x4, & the Air Lift air bag system isn't needed. Took off the complete system. Air Lift Part Number 25592 This is a complete kit, that includes the air compressor. All items are marked which side of the truck that came off. I also have a PDF of the...
  19. nordictom

    MWD Asst. GM / COO position

    I am sure there are more than a few qualified individuals on RDP :yikes for this spot. http://www.mwdh2o.com/PDF_Careers/AGM_COO_Recruitment.pdf Good luck to whoever applies. :thumbsup NT
  20. nordictom

    Rental cost

    long story short................ the wife's aunt & uncle want to rent our LHC house for 6 weeks. Mid Jan through the end of Feb. What does the RDC brain trust suggest for an all inclusive charge? Thanks, NT