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    When Libturds Run Cities .com

    Didn't Walgreens and CVS JUST announce they were closing multiple stores in SF due to unabated theft? I guess that would explain the bicycle, the thief had to travel further from the hood to get his free shit......Where exactly does this end?
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    AZ ballot audit is happening now!!!!

    Can you guys imagine the back room deals being cut right now? Watch for the dims to unexpectedly cave on a major topic (infrastructure) in order to get enough republicans to go along with condemning the audits......
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    AZ ballot audit is happening now!!!!

    You may very well be correct, however, if there really is a smoking gun it will likely result in a march on DC so large it will not be possible to just ignore it. Should such a march occur, I will be there.
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    Blue Run City: Monster Success #Successful&Effective

    That's awesome...can I look forward to some new Bum Fight videos being released?
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    Liberals Can't Defeat the GOP Efforts of INTEGRITY at the "local" levels"....so.......

    Man, if this action from the AG doesn't convince you they are on to something in AZ and GA, nothing will. The Dims are afraid.....very afraid.
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    while you’re at it, check out Fake Woke and whiteboy, also by Tom McDonald
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    Even if you're not a hip hop fan, you gotta give it up to Tom McDonald. Put your earphones on and turn this up. As the kids would say, the man's spittin' bars, straight facts.
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    This is ugly...

    Side by side comparison of Russian, Chinese, and US army recruiting videos. Ours is downright embarrassing. I fear at some point we are seriously going to get our asses handed to us. Hats off to the Chinese ad, it's bad ass.
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    Fauci the Fraud

    OMG are you guys reading this shit? The entire email dump is over on revolver, bit chute probably has it to. This guy is Dr. Evil in the flesh. He's such a psycho he even advises people on who should play him in upcoming movies about Covid. Ho Lee Shit...!!
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    17 Consecutive Months.....

    ....of record firearm background checks. Hmm....almost like the entire country is getting ready to throw down.
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    Get the Lying Bastard Rand

    Fauci deserves to executed. period.
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    So Many Stupid People

    They started the wax thread after the "what is the best motor oil?" thread was locked. lol.
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    Lumber Collusion?

    I was just reading this morning lumber demand is crashing at the retail end. July futures already down significantly. The article states the mills were in an "inventory depletion" cycle to bring prices up when Covid hit. The mills were then forced shut which depleted the inventory further than...
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    I can't help but blame the Covid shot.....

    Update - as of today, Dad is back to walking his normal 2 miles a day. He quit taking the prescribed blood thinners because they made his legs swell and his jaw hurt. That's right, blood thinners make your jaw hurt.....in my Dad's words "whatever that shit is it can't be good for you."...
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    Roger Stone = Predicts!!

    So you think Trump who has been a public figure for 5 decades, had a hit tv show for 13 years, was president for 4 years, went through a SPECIAL COUNCIL INVESTIGATION is guilty of a crime that they are just now finding? Yeah right. The only charges that will be filed are the ones they made up...
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    Indy 500

    Great Race! Indy racing has found some mojo again.....lots of talent in that series.
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    I am going for maybe the dumbest ever question on here

    Oops, I forgot the most important part of this rule....in addition to the money payouts listed above, every time a property is purchased, put that money in the middle too. It adds up fast, then whoever lands on free parking gets it. This speeds up the game tremendously, as well as giving the...
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    I am going for maybe the dumbest ever question on here

    The way we speed up Monopoly is put all of the "tax" , community chest, and chance payouts into a "pot" in the middle. Whoever lands on free parking gets the pot. It has saved my ass many times.
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    Chairman Jao

    The 90 day study will conclude it was Trump's fault.
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    Never Ending!!

    investigation in search of a crime......just like the ccp