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  1. Andy01

    DCB Regatta 2018, no event coverage?

    Where’s the event coverage, was a good time this weekend. Some amazing boats and guest from all over the US. There were some great give aways at the dinner last night, from Apple watches, a ton of yeti coolers, adrenaline trailers gave away a $2,000 store credit, and Adam (rip) from wired for...
  2. Andy01

    66 Degrees and raining in Havasu...

    I can’t believe it’s 66 degrees!! Raining pretty good.
  3. Andy01

    As winter approaches...... which trailer/toy hauler do you look at?

    So as winter gets closer my 9 year old once again says "you going to buy a toy hauler this year", and I say "we'll see". I don't need anything big, I am not going across american with it. I'm likely going from Mohave county to Lapaz (Havasu to Parker). I don't care about putting my rzr in it, I...
  4. Andy01

    Plane on a treadmill? Trailer.......

  5. Andy01

    Outboard Mafia gathering Friday Night @ Jerseys

    A facebook group "Outboard Mafia" is having a get together on Friday at Jerseys in Havasu. 8:00-11. These guys all own outboard boats, mostly fast cats. They will be running to Pirates on Saturday am as well.
  6. Andy01

    Great deal on a brand new home in Havasu........

    This home is close to being finished, with so many older homes in the $200,000 & $300,000's this looks like a great deal. https://www.flexmls.com/share/1gcpQ/3650TexomaDrLakeHavasuCityAZ86404 If you have any questions or would like to schedule a tour I can be reached direct at 928-412-1883. Or...
  7. Andy01

    DiamondBoxx or ?

    WMC has one, first one I had heard. Sounded great! Now that the pool is getting close I'm trying to decide what to do. Really like the Diamond due to it's long play time and sound quality. Something I could throw on a beach as well from time to time. Anyone well versed in this? What are the...
  8. Andy01

    Has anyone purchased one of these?

    I'm really thinking about it for the girls ski boat. https://www.moorshade.com/shop/cover-system
  9. Andy01

    Another amazing build for DCB.......

    Nicely done M35, congrats to the owner and DCB. I wish my second DCB would have been this nice! :D
  10. Andy01

    Stopped by Conquest this am......

    Their deck boats are some of my favorites, I have always liked the lines of their models. Of course Candy and Jodi are always great to chat with when I’m there. They’re doing some gel work for me on my boat, filling some unwanted holes. But while I was there I snapped a couple of pics of...
  11. Andy01

    [WTS] Stock RZR 1000 Wheels/tires

    ONE stock rear tire for a 2016 RZR ONE stock front tire for a 2016 RZR 500 miles on the two of them. Nothing wrong with them. How much? Coorslight, bottles, no money accepted. How much Coorslight is up to you! 310-480-4285
  12. Andy01

    Who else does this driving to the river?

    Who else gets their kids to do this driving the 40 or 10? I did it as a kid and now encourage my kids to do it, needless to say I enjoy every minute of it and laugh my ass off!!
  13. Andy01

    Where's the go to for dock lines now?

    It was always spankys in Paker, is it still? I need to replace some of my lines and outfit the other boat.
  14. Andy01

    Buying a new diesel truck.... Which one......?

    I've owned GM my entire life, I own four GM trucks now. I am going to replace my 2017 1/2 ton z71 crew cab and my 2005 4x4 crew cab Duramax. I don't drive a lot and normally have a extra car. The current Duramax has 97,000 miles on it. I take really good care of my cars so I will keep this next...
  15. Andy01

    WOW, a inexpensive 4 bedroom just popped up in Havasu!

    There are not many 4 bedrooms here in Havasu, and hardly any that show up in the low 3's. This house is a deal, I bet it sells quick! Throw a $30,000 pool out back and your in well under $400,000. Looks like there is room to push the garage out as well, just follow that room next to it's roof...
  16. Andy01

    Havasu Pool Thread? Who did you use?

    Looking for who people have used for a new pool in Havasu, I thought there was a thread? I have two guys I know, but looking for more experience/feed back on who people used.
  17. Andy01

    Looking for a building in Havasu........

    I'm looking for a building in Havasu if anyone knows of a decent sized building, I need to be able to get 4-6 boats in it. Not looking to buy and don't need any realtor help. Looking for a lease or rent.
  18. Andy01

    Anyone with airplane financing connections?

    Anyone here on the boards have a connection to airplane financing? I have a client that is looking at purchasing a plane. I told him to check AOPA, but I also thought I would check here since so many of the members do different things. I have him covered as far as insurance goes.
  19. Andy01

    So I bought my daughters a dirt bike, now I want one.....which bike??

    What is a good pre owned not break the bank (lets face it I won't ride much) bike for Havasu? YZF450? The last dirt bike I had was a YZF450 50th anniversary, great bike. Didn't ride it much as life was busy then, like now. Just want something to putt around on the trails and washes with the...
  20. Andy01

    AZ Game and Fish OHV DUI Check Point

    I receive the news letters from AZGFD, this came last night. If your not signed up for it, you might want to. There's a lot information that is useful all over the state. GAME AND FISH NEWS Feb. 12, 2018 Arizona Game and Fish Department AZGFD to hold OHV sobriety checkpoint Feb. 17...