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  1. j-bone

    Acceptable Prop Slip

    I have a 2005 Carrera 257 Party Effect with a 496HO. I'm wondering what is considered good prop slip at WOT (5000). It looks like I am at about 8%. Not sure if this is in the good range. Also, does prop slip change based on load. In other words, does slip go up with more passengers and gear?
  2. j-bone

    Is this guy high??? Or are used boats really this expensive??

    https://orangecounty.craigslist.org/boa/d/riverside-257-carrera-deck-boat/6878507937.html I have a 2005 Carrera 257 Party Effect, so please no Carrera bashing. But is this boat really worth anything close $85K?
  3. j-bone

    In-home pet sitting question

    We have a 13 day vacation planned...Bali. We have someone that will house sit and care for 3 Yorkies, 1 indoor cat and and outdoor tortoise. The cat and tortoise require zero interaction. Just keep the cat food topped off and the litter scooped. Tortoise gets some lettuce every other day...
  4. j-bone

    What is this?

    I bought this 2005 Carrera 257 Party Effect about 3 years ago. The person I bought it from only had it a short time and didn't have much info and I can't figure out what these are for. There are signs that a generator was used under the hatch, not sure if that has anything to do with these...
  5. j-bone

    Rally on the Rocks 2017...Anyone going?

    I know it's boating season, but are any RDP'ers going. Can't wait. First time to Moab with guides for 5 days of off roading with the RZR.
  6. j-bone

    Cajon Pass Craziness

  7. j-bone

    M.O.A.B. bomb just dropped on ISIS tunnels in Afghanistan

    This could be a test to see how it might work in N. Korea. All their weapons are kept in deep bunkers under mountains. Shit is gettin' real.
  8. j-bone

    Rally on the Rocks 2017 - Who's going?

    I recently bought a RZR for use in the off season at our river spot on the lower river. It has been a lot of fun exploring and realizing what these machines are capable of. Since I never plan on going to the dunes, I settled for the 900 4 EPS. I have been happy with its performance so far...
  9. j-bone

    OBAMACARE Question

    I currently have insurance through work, but am starting to think about retirement. My work insurance does not continue into retirement. So, I went on the Healthcare.gov website to get a quote for me, the wife and two teenage girls. By the way, I do not qualify for subsidies. If I go...
  10. j-bone

    "He better live"

    So by now I'm sure we've all seen the Charlotte shooting video. It doesn't show much, but the dialogue is very telling. The wife is telling him "don't do it" over and over and the police tell him to drop the gun over and over. If he complied he'd still be alive. Period. I've said it...
  11. j-bone

    Anyone know this boat???

    Hey guys, I've got a buddy looking to buy a lower river boat. He wants something in the 21ft open bow class and has a ceiling of about 15K. This will be his first boat. I've been helping him in his search. He texted me this boat the other day. I know nothing about outboards so I thought...
  12. j-bone

    Full day tuna trip out of San Diego-Friggin'Awesome!!!!

    So we had our annual work fishing trip on the Pride out of Seaforth in San Diego. This is a limited load charter. We had 15 guys. Half had never been fishing off shore and some had never caught a fish bigger than a 1-2lb trout. Short story is we landed 20 Yellow Fin Tuna (Ahi). They were...
  13. j-bone

    Fuel gauge question

    So I've got a 2005 Carrera 257 Party Effect. It has dual 35 gallon tanks. It has a fuel switch and one fuel gauge. When the I switch from one tank to the other, the fuel gauge adjusts to the tank being used. Unfortunately, the gauge is wrong on both tanks. I have run out of gas in one tank...
  14. j-bone

    Hawaiian Pulled Pork Sliders

    So a few weeks ago, Daytona Babe put on a little food competition at Fishers Landing on the lower river. This was the 5th Annual Taste of the River, but it was my first time competing. Well, to make a long story short, our entry won. The sliders and cocktail we made were a big hit. So I...
  15. j-bone

    Lower River Drone Footage

    My buddy and his family came out with us a couple weeks and he brought his drone. He was able to take a few aerial videos of me driving the boat and one of the wives chillin' on our own little sandbar. The aerial view makes the sandbars highly visible, but I can tell you that at water level...
  16. j-bone

    New Transgender Policies

    So, we've all seen the news regarding new rights for transgenders. Just today the Feds just sent all the schools that receive taxpayer funds a memo saying they have to allow transgenders to use the bathrooms and locker rooms of the gender they identify with. I have teenage girls in high...
  17. j-bone

    Badass Ford Truck

    This truck is screaming for a RDP sticker on the side. Come on guys, one of you suffering a mid life crisis could be bass ass in this beast! http://sandiego.craigslist.org/csd/cto/5516359522.html
  18. j-bone

    2016 RZR 4 900 EPS Price Help

    I'm about to pull the trigger on a new RZR 4 EPS. The only upgrades are poly roof and deluxe front and rear bumpers. I'm at $19,900 OTD. Is this a good deal or is there more room for negotiation? It's been a long time since I've dealt with dealerships and I just want to make sure it's a fair...
  19. j-bone

    ACL Surgery for wife today

    So, last August we were slowly pulling up to a sandbar in the deck boat. Our friends were already beached and unpacking. We have to yorkies. One is a river regular, the other was just a puppy. They both had there vests on. When we were about 15ft from the beach, the puppy gets excited and...
  20. j-bone


    There 5150 pages of threads in the RD's Lounge. I knew this place was crazy.:eek