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  1. Warlock1

    Do you have an exit plan?

    A friend of mine and I were talking and he asked me if I had an exit plan? It caught me by surprise and I asked what do you mean? He said in case your marriage goes south. He said smart people do prenups, but since he wasn't so smart he decided to put a plan together just in case. I asked him if...
  2. Warlock1

    Drift Carts

    Looking at grabbing one or two of these things for the new neighborhood. I like the idea of the electric ones as it is quiet and can still enjoy the fun of driving crazy. I think I can even get some of the other old guys to pick these up and we can stage "rides" through the neighborhood...lol...
  3. Warlock1

    Finnegans 1700HP jet boat

  4. Warlock1

    New to us house upgrades

    I want to update the drawer slides and hinges to soft close in the kitchen and bathrooms. Anybody done this and where did you get your hardware. We are going to need a bunch. We also have the drainage tiles in the bottom of perimeter walls and small dogs that can get right out. Also want to...
  5. Warlock1

    Workmans Comp Lawyers

    As much as I hate to go this route, the insurance company has stopped communicating with me on follow up visits. Any suggestions in the Phx area?
  6. Warlock1

    Fathers Day Weekend in Havasu

    Is there anything going on in particular for Fathers Day? Sonya and I are super bored and since the beaches in Rocky Point are still closed we were thinking about heading back to LHC for the weekend. We haven't been back since we moved from Florida and miss the vibe.
  7. Warlock1

    HF Jack Stands

    If you have them, you might want to check them. Both of my sets are on the recalled list...
  8. Warlock1

    Magic Deck Boats

    Who has the molds for these boats? Back in the day there was reports that unfinished hulls in various stages of builds were just laying around in storage lots in California. Anyone remember where these were at?
  9. Warlock1

    Linked In

    During my time of unemployment I have had time to ponder. Has anyone been hired or has hired someone from Linked In? How did that work out?
  10. Warlock1

    Get your shit checked

    No this isn't about the Coronavirus, this is about your colon. I want to say about 5 years ago a member found that he had gotten a colonoscopy and they found cancer. Lots of people chimed in about the importance and a few even had them done. I was one of them even though I wasn't quite 50 yet. I...
  11. Warlock1

    Home builder help needed

    Ok so we just got our house painted with the "hot" colors down here in the Dirty South. Now I need to paint all of the damn stamped concrete that has been installed. This includes the dock, back porch around the pool, garage, driveway and front walk. I'm thinking a very light sandy color with a...
  12. Warlock1

    Coming back home

    Sonya and I left Phoenix for what we thought would be out dream spot. We have always loved the island feel and have taken quite a few island vacations. We have learned that the grass isn't always greener on the other side and have decided to move back home from Florida. We hope to have...
  13. Warlock1

    Where to stay in ST Martin?

    15 year anniversary this year and want to spend a week somewhere on a beach with some things to do and see. We stopped here on a cruise we did and it was great. However looking at places to stay, there aren't a lot of All Inclusives. So we started looking at other places and they are all over...
  14. Warlock1

    Company Performance Appraisals

    Hey Folks Establishing a management program at work and I need to implement a performance evaluation process. Would ya'll send me a workable sample of what you use? Thanks
  15. Warlock1

    New GMC

    Looking at getting a new truck. Anybody have a hook up on the new GMC 1500, maybe the friends and family discount?
  16. Warlock1

    Need some pool help

    We want to replace our old Hayward HST 150 pump with a 2 stage pump and not sure how yo do it or which one to get. We also need to replace our Hayward C1200 filter Assy because it is leaking due to a small crack. And we also want to add a salt generator system later this year. Any advice would...
  17. Warlock1

    Well that didn't last

    Made an agreement with Sonya that she could buy a new car so I could get another C6. She test drove a new Miata Targa but they weren't giving any incentives so we went and test drove a new camaro convertible. As we were discussing it, the Sales Manager asked if we were interested in a like new...
  18. Warlock1

    Building Boats

    https://www.facebook.com/tracy.sarver.5/posts/10208375350421750?notif_id=1517365101306273&notif_t=feedback_reaction_generic&ref=notif This is how I do retirement...lol
  19. Warlock1

    2010 Silverado needs some love

    Looking at MM970 wheels, Nitto Ridge Grappler tires and a BDS 4" coil over lift. Who has the hook up for these?:thumbsup
  20. Warlock1

    Coming to a lake near you

    I'll just leave this here.....