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  1. Riverratrob

    Quickart m3-hd

    anybody here work on these or know how to rebuild a electic drive motor http://www.danetechnologies.com/images/stories/quickart-m3-hd.jpg
  2. Riverratrob

    2 prince's

    has anybody heard about this ,apparently the head of ca education board has decided to introduce this book into our childrens classes.For those not aware this was a issue in massachusetts ( Subsequent to the decision of the Massachusetts Supreme Court in favor of same-sex marriage, a teacher in...
  3. Riverratrob

    1988 wellcraft 17ft open bow

    turn key fresh water boat with a 3.0L mercruiser I/O runs all day on about 6 gallons of gas. Interior was recently completly redone and looks great. everything works. galv. trailer with brand new tires. call Jim @ 714-608-4716 if I dont pick up leave me a message and I'll get back 2 u 3800.00
  4. Riverratrob


    What is the name of the hotel in the keyes
  5. Riverratrob

    Best SNL skit

    This is gotta be one of the more funny ones:lmao p.s click the top bar that will work http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZhSkRHXTKlw
  6. Riverratrob

    Heading out

    Heading out to to havi around 5ish anyone need a ride or something dropped off give me a holler:beer
  7. Riverratrob

    Dove hunting

    Does anyone on here go opening day in parker or havi area???
  8. Riverratrob

    Who is this????

  9. Riverratrob


    Anyone going to see it the reviews are coming out as a great movie, people say Ledger is phenomanal .i heard it is :thumbsup :thumbsup
  10. Riverratrob

    Calling Riverbound

    Hey Bill I wanted to ask you your opinion on some speakers(I was gonna ask this cat who owns a stereo shop but his myspace page "Giltronixs "isnt working) what do you think of this brand of speakers Memphis 15-MCSYNC6 - Memphis MClass 6.5" Component Speakers are they good bad or compareable to...
  11. Riverratrob

    Dog shit cleaning contest

    Well I was woke up to a distubing smell at 1:00 am ,my older dog(16 1/2 )had a really upset stomach and decided to do sprinkler job on my carpets,so i just finished cleaning and steaming my carpets and decided to get a cup of coffee to just stay up (it is now 5:30 am):swear and as I walk to my...
  12. Riverratrob


    Oakland, immortalized in the book “Moneyball,” about winning with a scrimp-and-save payroll – signed a 16-year-old named Michel Inoa on Wednesday. Along with his $4.25 million bonus, Inoa got an Anglicized name, Michael, and a ticket to the Dominican Summer League, where he can add weight to his...
  13. Riverratrob

    Gel coat

    Who is a good gel coat guy up in Havi Have to do some work around my exhuast tips
  14. Riverratrob

    Just found treasure

    When I was a little kid one of my moms aunts left us some seriously old Indian artifacts the medallions look like they have gold in them,anyone know about this stuff ????
  15. Riverratrob

    Boat mech

    Who you guys recommend for a good mechanic in Havi ,need some work on my tmc 720
  16. Riverratrob

    A/c techs

    Any a/c techs on the board cuz I have a fuckin situation with the ac :swear:swear:swear:swear
  17. Riverratrob

    pioneer trailer 20 ft

    this trailer has everything hardly used will let it go for 8000.00 need quik sale
  18. Riverratrob

    2006 Tioaga 24 ft motorhome

    It has only 9800 miles in excellent cond fully self contained 39,000.00
  19. Riverratrob

    2004 Chevy Silverado

    1500 short bed with only 60k miles excellent cond 18500.00 obo
  20. Riverratrob

    Web cam

    Anyone have that web cam address on the cam in the channel:D