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  1. QC22

    [WTS] Project Truck and Boat '65 C10 Chevy, Chris Craft Racing Runabout Replica

    Long story and lots of associated BS. Wife has had it, wants this stuff gone. 1965 Chevy C10 long bed, I believe a camper special. And a never been in the water, partially completed, partially effed up, Glen-L Monaco. It is a replica of a late 40's Chris Craft Racing Runabout. I'd like to sell...
  2. QC22


    I've had this picture and known the story for a long time. I was booking a charter in Newport for my wife. She has an employee retiring after 30 years, so they're doing a harbor lunch cruise etc. Anyway, while doing the search for a charter I ran across "Mojo" as a possible boat. I double...
  3. QC22

    Need a Tile Guy willing to come over to The Landing

    I have a Master and Guest Bathroom remodel job I'm doing. I need somebody to do the tile work. Basically, build a large shower in the Master Bath, and tie in a porcelain tub with tile surround in the Guest Bathroom. I'm doing the rest of the work, but need those two pieces handled by somebody...
  4. QC22

    Horrible Accident near El Centro - 15 Dead

    It looks like a set of bottom dumps T-Boned an Expedition with 27 people in it. Yes, 27. So sad, and so preventable it makes me angry. A disaster waiting to happen and it did, and it will be repeated. https://abc7.com/holtville-california-imperial-crash/10382788/
  5. QC22

    Must see Formula 1 crash this morning

    If you haven't seen this it is worth searching other vids as well. There is a view I can't find that shows him in the car burning for 18 seconds. Somehow he has only "minor" burns on his hands and feet. Some badasses got there immediately and must've faced intense heat. Edit: Azzholes
  6. QC22

    Need a DirecTV guru

    So, I want to get a new HD DVR for the lake. Currently I carry mine back and forth, and it's: a) getting old and b) I have a trip next weekend that the wife is not going on, so the disconnect the house plan won't work. I understand if I buy a box from another source getting it authorized can be...
  7. QC22

    Zieman Boat Trailer - $250

    RDP Special $250. Had an 18 footer on it. Has drum brakes, and a swing-away tongue. No paperwork. Friend gave me the boat and trailer to haul away. Sold off the drive, the rest was junk. He could never find the title. Tires have small sidewall cracks. Good tread. All have held air for over a...
  8. QC22

    Need a Quartz counter and island bid

    I’m ready to get bids and pull the trigger. Looks like 2 - 24” x 9’ and 1- 42” x 9’ chunks for an island. I would do the plywood. Base cabinets are in and ready. It's basically two 7 foot runs of the 24" stuff on each side of the faucet, and two 2 foot pieces for either side of the range...
  9. QC22

    Fire in Havasu?

    From the Landing:
  10. QC22

    The Landing is CLOSED!

    So, I don't want to add to any Doom and Gloom, but as of an hour ago the Landing is literally closed for any new people to come in until 4-24. Just informational. If you are inside the resort, you can come and go with a special new pink tag. If you're outside, and come to the gate, you can't get...
  11. QC22

    The Clearest Data Analysis I've seen

    Early in this fraud of a crisis I learned about Farr's Law of Epidemics (states that epidemics tend to rise and fall in a roughly symmetrical pattern that can be approximated by a normal bell-shaped curve). This guy, who is basically a statistician, put all of it together better than any single...
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    Warning! Boating and Helicopter content

    5 minutes ago.
  13. QC22

    Porsche title issue - Maryland/Spain

    Looking for some advice on title transfer. I work for some wealthy English guys and they seem to get themselves into weird vehicle issues. I've done no research yet, but here's the skinny: 1990 Porsche Targa. Currently in Spain where the guy lives. He bought it from a guy in Maryland in 2015...
  14. QC22

    Any North Shore Oahu connections?

    Wife has a conference this coming Wednesday thru the Weekend. Staying on Waikiki for that stretch. Need somewhere else for Monday October 7th, two nights, out the 9th. We've never stayed North Shore, so probably going to do that, or something else Oahu away from Honolulu. Turtle Bay is the top...
  15. QC22

    [SOLD] 2019 Kenworth T680 & 53' Stoughton Trailer, 500 Cummins

    So this is a long story, I guess ask questions. This is a less than one year old Kenworth T680. 11,500 miles! This is somewhat a fleet spec, but high-end. X15 Cummins 500 with an Eaton Endurant 12 speed auto. This is Eaton/Cummins answer to the Volvo I-Shift. It is perfect. 12 even splits. Tall...
  16. QC22

    [SOLD] 2018 Dodge Durango SRT

  17. QC22

    [SOLD] 1998 Ford Expedition Eddie Bauer 4 x 4

    Selling my son's 4x4 Expedition. He bought it in Havasu, and never completed registration here in CA, and now has back fees. So it belongs back in AZ. I'll bring it to Parker or Havasu. Great for a desert ride and launch vehicle. AC is good. Interior is decent, worn driver's as shown. No issues...
  18. QC22

    Rental Boat in Havasu

    Any recommendations? My son will be at the Landing starting tomorrow. Looking to rent a boat this Wednesday. I've checked Craigslist etc. He can easily take the Ferry to the other side, so that's no big deal. Just wondering if any of you have a contact/lead other than the standard stuff. He's...
  19. QC22

    Even my dog is afraid of Rice Rd....

    ... well kinda. Caden is a miniature Labradoodle. He is becoming a super good boat dog, and he usually travels really well. But every time we leave the Landing to come home to California he starts shaking like a leaf on 17 Mile Rd. We noticed it first when heading over to the AZ side, to...
  20. QC22

    No Satellite TV in Seattle?

    How could there be when an kinda normal storm makes it unusable? Seriously. I live in SoCal. We have DirecTV. This storm, yesterday and today, knocks it out almost anytime rain is steady. And snow? Forget it. Had that issue in Big Bear. How does anyone where there's real weather live with it?