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  1. nameisbond

    paging Tank?????????? Cig question

    @Tank what's this worth if I put new motors in and redo the interior? Marketplace - 31 bullet cigarette | Facebook According to my bank. $25,000 CDN is $20,548 USD. I plan on offering $20k CDN or $16,431 USD. I'm looking at it around 6pm tonight.
  2. nameisbond

    Holly smokes!!!!!

    I bought two packs of smokes the other day. Little corner store. They charged me $31 bucks. That's $15.50 per pack. Rip off. Was paying $27.60 for two packs at a Circle K in my old hood, 20 minute drive. I'm going to try another store nearby, grocery store chain. I hate the chain, owners are...
  3. nameisbond


    My 12 year old nephew was playing in the woods with friends. He needed to pee, so he peed in the forest. A bee stung him on the penis. He's ok, but had an allergic reaction and is in the hospital. Feel bad for him, that must have hurt!
  4. nameisbond

    MS flight sim 2020

    I've had every version of Microsoft flight sim. Had my first one in 1982. The latest version came out and all I have to say is awesome. The graphics are as good as the trailer.
  5. nameisbond

    stupid appeals court!!!!!!

    Execute the little scumbag! https://www.cbc.ca/news/world/boston-marathon-bomber-death-sentence-overturned-1.5663964 Hope the fed retries the scumbag and gets sentenced to death again.
  6. nameisbond

    Good book on the CIA

    I started a thread already, but can't find it. A family friend is retired CIA, he joined in the early 1970's, after serving with the Marines in Vietnam. He was involved with Nixon's secret wars in South East Asia, etc............... He retired from the CIA, I think in 1998/9 time frame. Anyway...
  7. nameisbond

    Good book coming out soon.

    A family friend has written a book about his time in the CIA. He was in Vietnam as a marine and was recruited into the CIA. He led a paramilitary group against the Vietnamese in Cambodia, part of Nixon's secret wars in South East Asia. The stories he can tell are awesome. I've spent hours...
  8. nameisbond

    BK Impossible Whopper.....

    Has anyone tried one yet. I tried one Friday for lunch. I was very surprised, thought it was very tasty. I won't say it tasted like meat, but it was close. Id order it again.
  9. nameisbond

    cool weekend (Gold Rush)

    Discovery channel has given Dave Turpin a spin off show from Gold Rush. Its called Dave Turpin's Lost Mines. show info here: https://www.imdb.com/title/tt9703198/ My property in central Washington State is 280acres and has an old gold mine. This weekend they filmed an episode there. It was fun...
  10. nameisbond

    this is how Vancouver deals with the opioid crisis

    A doctor in Vancouver is setting up vending machines for opioids. Wow, wonder if you'll see similar in the future in LA or San Fran? story here: https://www.abbynews.com/news/opioids-to-be-dispensed-via-vending-machine-on-vancouvers-downtown-eastside-doctor-says/
  11. nameisbond

    Good choice!!!!!

    I was craving a fast food burger fix. Just so happens I got coupons for A&W and McDonalds. A&W here is different from the American chain. Different owners. Anyway, decided on A&W. Good thing at McDonalds there was a shooting there last night. One gangster dead. story here...
  12. nameisbond

    oopppsss C8 Corvette

    Guess one crashed! https://www.facebook.com/watch/?ref=external&v=686826825114333
  13. nameisbond

    Oh Canada

    I can't believe our justice system letting this guy out on parole! https://www.abbynews.com/news/b-c-man-convicted-of-kidnapping-and-raping-girl-11-granted-unsupervised-day-trips/ Id prefer the death penalty for guys like him. But you'd think based on his crimes, he'd get life in prison.
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    While I agree Miami Vice is an iconic show from the 1980's. I think this guy is dreaming or smoking crack when he listed this on eBay! https://www.ebay.com/itm/1986-Scarab-38-KV-The-Actual-Original-Miami-Vice-boat-Driven-by-Don-Johnson/233133736164?hash=item3647da80e4:g:tIwAAOSwWiJcZMJB:rk:1:pf:0
  15. nameisbond

    Canada just as racist (longer too)

    Up until 1978 a few cities here had racist clauses that land couldn't be transferred to Asians. Here is the proof: https://www.abbynews.com/news/b-c-woman-raises-concerns-over-land-title-forbidding-east-indian-asiatic-people/
  16. nameisbond

    dang it, should have thought of it!

    I have a kidney infection, diagnosed on Tuesday. Its almost gone now and the pain all but disappeared. But when it was full blown, the pain was severe. The hospital gave me a morphine injection, man I really liked it. They also gave me morphine pills to take home. Was talking with my brother...
  17. nameisbond

    anyone car shopping???

    What do you want? I want another C4 Corvette because miss mine. I sold it in 1992. The guy I sold it too still has it today, but won't sell it back. I'm mostly looking local, include Seattle in that search. Lots around for cheap. Two examples...
  18. nameisbond

    All good things come to an end!

    This year is the last session of Big Bang Theory...…. I like the show a lot but do think ending while its still highly rated is the right move! story here: https://www.abbynews.com/entertainment/cbs-the-big-bang-theory-to-end-in-2019-after-12-seasons/ I read elsewhere the decision was made...
  19. nameisbond

    Blue Angels

    My local airport hosts a big airshow every year. Its one of the biggest in the pacific northwest. My short cut to Costco takes me past the airport. Today saw the Blue Angels practicing for the show. I'm going tomorrow. But found a great spot to take pictures without going to the show at a strip...