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    PUPS of RDP

    It's tough defending the house from squirrels, people walking, birds, mailman, amd loud noises but someone has to do it
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    1991 Schiada 21 River Tunnel. Carson Brummett TT 557ci BBC!!

    I never knew Lee made this in a Jet. Curious what it runs.
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    2021 Stock Market

    I think hedgies went in on the call side. I think the gamma squeeze is over. That having been said I've been wrong on about every meme stock play I've made so full disclosure.
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    2021 Stock Market

    Not really an equity fund but bought into DRIP. Believe oil will end the year lower then where we are at, time will tell the tale.
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    BARN FIND - 24' Spectra / Sanger

    Lifelong family friend said he had the last 24 ever built by Spectra. Bought it in 80 and took delivery in 81. He said they had to argue with them to build it, also a friend of his went in with him so they got 2, only reason they would build them. I saw the invoice for it a few years ago. For...
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    Alright, school me...V-drives...

    The guy 2 doors down at the lake collects wood deck Rayson Crafts, all V drives. One is Maroon out of Tahoe called "Jake." The other he called a "Bat Wing" and is so pretty, real small though I think it's only 16 feet. The third I've only seen once but it was yellow. Also Alexi at Boostpower's...
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    Easiest way to remove old fuel from boat?

    I've siphoned gas out into a 5 gallon can over the winter and will run in my mower, car, etc. Also have used an old Holley Red and tied into the fuel system at some point. As far as where to dump it, there is always a vacant lot somewhere ;)
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    Fuel tank capacity 2003 Hallett 210

    My Dad and Uncle have 210's and they have always operated on 80. My uncle ran his out one time and I think it took within a gallon or 2 of 80.
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    Father’s Day Gifts

    Tickets to the No Prep Racing finals in October. He's a gearhead so he'll love it.
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    US oil hits 32 month high

    There is too much up in the air right now in the market place right now. Internationally the dust is still settling from the Shell case in the Netherlands, domestically some supply is starting to open up but no one is going to spend a lot of money until we see sustained demand hold. Lastly and...
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    IMCO Gimbal Ring Torque Specs

    Is the torque specs for the 2 bolts on the top of the IMCO Gimbal Ring the same as a regular Mercury Ring ? Believe it's 55 lbs
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    LS engine or Big Blocks

    Alexi at Boostpower basically described it as a supply and demand issue. Not many folks in the performance boat market are looking for LS stuff so most of the builders aren't doing custom stuff for them.
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    565 or 600??

    Nonsense of all the options listed I would recommend the Teague 825
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    Mini Schiada Motor Options

    Not meant the thread Jack but how many Mini's are out there? Did Lee build a lot of them over the years ?
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    Eliminator Eagle 43' on Craigslist

    Gets the Center of Gravity of down. Also in a V bottom the faster the boat goes the more it picks up out of the water. If they are out wide you would have to run them really deep. By keeping them in the center you don't have to run them as deep.
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    Eliminator Eagle 43' on Craigslist

    Lol I'm looking forward to the responses to this. Personally I would put them at the lower end of the West Coast high end builders and will openly admit others would know more then me. I would run them though vs many others. Boostpower Carson Brummett Teague Custom Marine Pfaff GT
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    565 or 600??

    Much Better Quality The main benefit is the gears are bigger which overcomes the limiting factor of the XR drive gears. The drive takes a bravo transom assembly, only requires a helmet change(what the drive bolts to). The drive is physically bigger as well, this isn't a problem for the upper...
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    565 or 600??

    Teague quoted me 58k for a 1050 a few years ago so I would say 50-55k ? It's a nice piece. Family Friend has 2 in his daytona and he said he won't run anything other then Teague from now on.
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    565 or 600??

    An M6 has to have a transmission so the rigging would be entirely different in the boat. Also I know Teague doesn't like to run 6's on a single setup as it's a surfacing drive and the boat could lose control. As far as drives go do not discount the IMCO SCX, it's a nice middle ground between...
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    2021 Stock Market

    I agree with this 100% Currency requires stability which crypto isn't (at least now). It moves around as much as 30% a day and on people tweets. My positions in crypto are strictly a fomo play on if it goes to 500k.