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    Link for UFC 247 tonight

    Anyone have the free stream? Worked so good for the last one . . .
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    December Special for Detail Specialties at the Islander

    DECEMBER APPOINTMENTS ONLY $200 off ceramic coating for your boat $100 off ceramic coating for your car, truck, or SxS $40 off any vehicle full detail $2/foot off any boat detail Gator Step 10% off total job Call Randy @ 928-706-5339
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    FREE Method wheels/tires

    Yes FREE, they are Method 20" wheels in perfect condition with Toyo open country's RT 33's with about 60% tread left that fit a 2018 F150. My truck is a lease that I'm turning in soon so I need factory 20's back in exchange. Only these 20's. . . and you pay for the mounting
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    Detail Specialties/Gator Step

    Detail Specialties at the Islander is now a authorized dealer/installer of Gator Step. This product is very versatile and not just for boats. Endless colors and patterns! Get rid of old carpet! Prices start at $24/sq ft for the product, installation varies on boats etc. PM me for a quote or call...
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    Schiada 24

    Getting the ceramic coating treatment today. If you would like an appt DM me or call 928-412-6339 Randy
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    2004 Hallett 270 MCOB

    120 hours 525 XR/ITS Big Alpine stereo Runs 76 GPS interior and gel immaculate No Disappointments $79.9
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    Need a referral

    Hey, I had every sq inch of my house retiled and they did a great job and finished as scheduled. But the guy that was supposed to come in and do the baseboards is a flake. I need someone that can paint and install baseboards. Please if you know anyone give me his name, Havasu area. Thanks! Randy
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    Maxed Out Marine's 1st 21 river cruiser

    Ceramic coated by Detail Specialties 928-412-6339
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    Got another boat finally

    04 116 hours 525 motor/ITS yes it's very dirty, going to coat it tomorrow
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    Meet you at flying x/docks

    Believe it or not, I have never been to the "X". Tonight is the night. The kid is with grandparents and Team Detail Specialties will be bar hopping tonight ! Hope to see some RDP'ers! I did not post this while taking a shit. . .
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    Utility trailer for sale

    Not mine, it's my old man neighbors. He wants $1850
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    Howard 26 Cat

    Ceramic coated by Detail Specialties at the Islander 928-412-6339
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    milk money the lover???

    according to his girl, he is the man. . .
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    Buying a boat

    So far it's proving to be tough. . . people are telling me things like; A manufacturer promised them a certain trade in $ amount if they buy new so they should sell no less than that figure. 400 hr 525's don't need top end work and that shouldn't figure into sale price. . . motors redone in 2015...
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    DUI Dance

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    Bullhead Bully's DW 32

    Detail Specialties at the Islander has just completed ceramic coating Bullhead Bully's 3rd boat this winter ! We appreciate his business and invite all RDP members to schedule now. We are currently booking 3 weeks out and the line will not get any shorter as spring approaches. We offer...
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    The 2FF show

    Steve is a character! We just ceramic coated Mrs. 2FF's holy grail baddest mo fo on the water and delivered it to his new house and I had a few beers and listened to a couple of his stories. . . He even talked me and @Outdrive1 into moving some of his furniture for him. LoL
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    2018 RZR Turbo 4 seater

    9.5 hrs Brand new condition. Ceramic coated. full doors, mirrors, harnesses, roof, sound bar, Spare tire carrier, Glass windshield, otherwise stock. 4 year warranty NEVER SEEN DIRT. A buddy just passed away today running one of these I'm not interested in this anymore. have title no tax $22K
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    Hottest 13 yr old you will ever see

    Just ceramic coated !
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    $995 Ceramic coating SPECIAL still in effect!!!

    ANY boat up to 29' Call Randy @Detail Specialties at the Islander 928-412-6339