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  1. River918

    RDP, Desert Storm raft-up for poker run

    The Friday raft-ups are always a great time to watch the poker run. What say everyone, you guys in? If so, where and let's get a roll-call going....
  2. River918

    4 piece appliance package

    4 piece stainless appliance package. Everything works. Handle on over the range microwave is cracked. Gas range. Fridge has door water/ice. Great/good condition. Must pick-up in LaMirada. $600.00 OBO i
  3. River918

    Grand Canyon Rafting Trip

    Looking at possibly doing a rafting trip at the Grand Canyon this spring. For those that have done it, how was it and what company did you use? Any tips or advice would be appreciated. Thanks, B
  4. River918

    Amazing house for rent July 9th....

    Due to family health issues, we are having to cancel all of our vacations for the summer. One of the houses we had rented was for July 9th through the 15th. We have stayed there in the past and it is an incredible house with amazing views (especially at night) and inside boat/vehicle parking. It...
  5. River918

    DCB 28Extreme

    As some may know, beginning in late 2017, the wife and I began shopping around for a new boat. We went to many manufacturers including Howard, Nordic, Hallett (before they were sold), DCB, and even looked at pontoon boats. After getting sticker shock on the pricing for a new boat, and having a...
  6. River918


    We are looking for a couple Inflatable Stand-up Paddle Boards. After shopping around, we found so many different brands and price points. Can anyone a quality model that won't break the bank? Thanks...
  7. River918

    2016 Chevy HD take-offs

    3,000 miles on them. LTZ 20” tires and rims. $700.00. So-Cal
  8. River918

    2016 Chevy HD LTZ Take-offs

    Have 3,000 Miles on them. 20” rims $800.00
  9. River918

    So-Cal Truck Shop

    Looking for a reputable shop in So-Cal to do a leveling kit along with wheels and tires on our 2016 HD. Send your recommendations please. Thanks.
  10. River918

    New Sled

    Delivery in mid-April... Merc 400 for power.
  11. River918

    Made the switch

    Made the switch to a toon. Boat will be delivered in April.. Hanging a 400 on the back.
  12. River918

    Made the switch

    Made the switch to a toon. Boat will be delivered in April.. Hanging a 400 on the back.
  13. River918

    Nordic 29 Deck Boat

    If anyone on the boards has one, please let me know. I have a few questions I'd like to ask. Thanks...
  14. River918

    Havasu Hotel

    What's a decent place to stay in Havasu that isn't $200.00 a night? Need a room for one night, nothing fancy (checking in late, leaving early)... That being said, I don't to worry about getting bit by bed bugs or have my car broken into...LOL
  15. River918

    Sun and Sand Storage

    Looking to swap my 45' unit at Sun and Sand Storage on London Bridge Road for a 40'er at the same facility. If anyone has one there and needs an extra 5' hit me up so we can coordinate a swap with the property managers... Ours is empty now, but hopefully will be occupied by March.... Thanks..
  16. River918

    DCB V-bottom

    We loved our 28Extreme and was wondering if anyone has a line on one that may be going up for sale or an FX28 (canopied model)... Thanks
  17. River918

    Pool remodel, northern Orange County

    I'm looking for someone to re-do our pool, located in the Brea area. Just looking for dark plaster, new tile, and to have our pool deck sealed. This isn't our lifetime house, so not looking to spend a fortune or getting pebble-tec. Just want to give it a facelift to last us 5 years until...
  18. River918

    Back in the game...after a 3 year break.

    Well, after a year of careful reflection and shopping various options, we pulled the trigger on a new (to us) sled. Got a deal we couldn't resist, and a boat that looks like it is fresh off the showroom floor. We've known the owner for 15 years and know how anal he is with his stuff so we are...
  19. River918

    Hallett 335

    Wife and I are looking at a Hallett 335 and wanted to see if anyone has any firsthand feedback on the hull and how it rode. We owned a new Hallett 245 back in the late 90's and loved how solid they were and how well made it was. Thanks,
  20. River918

    New HD.

    Photoglou does it again! 5th car we've bought from him.. now just need a boat to pull behind it.