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  1. Jimmy

    Thoughts on this

    Is this just poor reporting and someones actually done some backround checks and called BS. I'm still erring on the side of caution but makes me think is this virus a bit of a over reaction. I'm in a constant cycle of yes this shits real to no its all media driven hysteria.
  2. Jimmy

    HomeBrew Beer

    The wife said I needed a hobby that I can do at home. So I'm having a crack at brewing beer. First ones just a kit Pale Ale to get started. Apparently the yeast in the kits are no good so I've spend a extra $3 and using good yeast. Picked up a temp controller to regulate the fridge. So I'm up...
  3. Jimmy

    [WTB] WTB 12 Bolt rearend for 69 Chevelle

    As title suggests. Im being a tight ass so cheaper the better .:p
  4. Jimmy

    The Old Man Just Bought a '84 C10

    I'm not sure weather to call it a truck or a ute? Either way hes selling his earthmoving business and retiring so mum let him buy a new toy, 307sbc th400. It going to be a lot of work to registered, as its hasn't been registered in Aust yet.
  5. Jimmy

    Tricks to a good lawn?

    All mine seems to do is grow weeds!
  6. Jimmy

    Life as I know it is over

    Shes due in September.
  7. Jimmy

    A lil America down under

    I've Nailed it!
  8. Jimmy

    Baby Foot

    Hey Grads they make Baby Foot for men now!
  9. Jimmy

    Starwars: Last Jedi

    Tonight we are going gold class!
  10. Jimmy

    [WTB] WTB Bronze Raw water pump

    Hey guys Ideally I'm looking for a Johnson F6B-9 Crank Driven 1-1/4" Water Pump. But open to anything bigger than the 3/4" pump I've got now. Pulley driven ok aswell.
  11. Jimmy

    Is this repairable?

    Looks like the splines toast. Is that a rubber damper i see there?
  12. Jimmy

    Just got up we're going out.

  13. Jimmy

    Now we have 2 Small blocks in the family.

    Just put down a deposit for the next project. Driving 6hr to Canberra Tuesday to check it out. Will be alot slower than the boat, I'll probably just want to enjoy this one and do bits on it as it needs it. 1969 Chevrolet Chevelle SS Yenko Tribute (Fake it till u make it) Original Malibu V8...
  14. Jimmy

    WTB Chevelle

    Im looking for a new toy. I'm not too concerned about importing from the US So what have u got?
  15. Jimmy

    Dont Touch The Monkeys They Said

    There might be a shortage of backyard builds this week because I'm off too.
  16. Jimmy

    Ah well... we're not here for a hair cut

  17. Jimmy

    Which one of u inmates was it?

    https://youtu.be/iFAmHruwMN0 Nice, I like it!
  18. Jimmy

    Mayweather and McGregor share private jet

    This is becoming more of a joke than your election. I'm calling the match fixed. Worst part is pay-per-view is like x3 that of a regular fight. https://www.primenewsghana.com/sports/mayweather-and-mcgregor-shares-same-jet-despite-bitter-war-of-words.html
  19. Jimmy

    Importing Cars Bikes Boats and New toys

    Just seeing if theres any inmates here that have been through the import process, I'm sure ours is similar to u guys. I just finished reading about a guy importing a 60s Mustang and when it got to OZ Quarantine stripped it down and pulled the asbestos break pads, clutch, exhaust and assorted...
  20. Jimmy

    How do u cook your shell fish?

    Was cray open season last week. Went craying over the weekend with a few mates. Ive kept a few to cook for the inlaws tonight, just looking for cooking ideas.