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    Detail needed

    I work with Misty from Bob Moses ceramic coating and we can get you done. 818-674-9561 Randy
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    Bob Moses Ceramics?

    Yes Misty is her name. She is a big boater herself and moved to Havasu and bought a franchise to become Bob Moses Ceramic Coating from Matt Moses in Phoenix. She went thru all of their training as did her team.
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    Bob Moses Ceramics?

    Yes there is plenty of work for EVERYONE, and I said the competition, not Chris. Since you brought his name up all I can say is I have a very different opinion of him than you do. You’re friends with him, I get that. . .
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    Bob Moses Ceramics?

    I work with Misty from BMCC and we use exclusively Sensha ceramic coating in Havasu. It is so good our competition tries to buy it from us since we own the distribution rights. We obviously don’t sell it to them. 8 yr warranty on vehicles and 4 years on boats. We don’t have to do “re-do’s” . .
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    2020 Dodger baseball.............

    Bats/offense never win championships . . . ask Bellinger he’s still looking for a post season RBI
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    Knight rider Eliminator 27 speedster

    Better get that one ceramic coated. . .
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    Detail Specialties new proprietary Ceramic Coat!

    We warranty our “snake oil” LoL
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    Detail Specialties new proprietary Ceramic Coat!

    Come by the shop anytime and we will give you some of our detail spray for free
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    Detail Specialties new proprietary Ceramic Coat!

    The warranty covers the shine and the ability to easily wash your boat, truck, SxS, or RV. Even BLACK.
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    Detail Specialties new proprietary Ceramic Coat!

    Actually it’s a ceramic coat with our warranty on it. We are like Nordstrom’s, if you aren’t happy with your coating and have done the simple steps of maintenance; washing your boat. We will redo it. For 4 years !!!
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    Looking for boat detailer

    Yes we pick up and deliver, we do all the work in our shop.
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    Anyone got a hook-up on the custom boat decking?

    We offer Gatorstep. It is a pretty quick install and we charge $34/sq ft. First we have to measure and template the boat and then we wait for Gatorstep to produce the kit. Probably looking at 2 months right now. . .
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    Do you have Sea Dek or Gator Step?

    Gatorstep is a little more affordable and has a different 3m adhesive that can be adjusted during install.
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    Tough Pill to Swallow

    Sad ending, but looks like he had a great life! RIP
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    Havasu detailer

    Chris Griner personally puts his hands on everything that comes through the shop . . . enough said.
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    Wax for a brand new RV

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    Wax for a brand new RV

    I agree on ceramic coating the rig
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    Mean as f&$@!!

    Very sorry to hear this news!
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    Happy Birthday RiverDiva!

    Happy belated birthday!
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    Detail specialties

    Thanks Paul for all of your business and the great comments!