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  1. Shlbyntro

    Hello, my name is @shlbyntro and I have a problem (LAM)

    As if I needed another one, but it was too good of a deal and I couldn't stop myself
  2. Shlbyntro

    Long lost, but now its found. Ford's gas turbine powered "Big Red"

    Once parked next to the Ford Mustang at the 1964 World's Fair, and later caught between HolmanMoody and The Deuce himself. This great 20,000 lb beast disappeared in the early 80s and has finally been found fully restored in the hands of a private collector who prefers to remain anonymous...
  3. Shlbyntro


    Blown engine due to fuel injection. The 310 SeaRay that these belong to has gone through 3 engines in the last 4 years because the previous shop failed to diagnose the root problem with on the previous 2 engines, 2 fuel injectors with the drip. A carbureted engine would never have this problem.
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    Drum Cover

  5. Shlbyntro

    CNN never fails to disappoint.

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    Was here! We all get a good laugh when a post is repeated and "Vin already said this" does anybody know how/where/when it all started? Or did Vin already post this??
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    Making Lemonade

    Or maybe lemonade flavored Popsicles. From the end of my driveway down to the Mary Quinlan Park boat ramp on Lake Austin is the absolute last place I thought I would be using this board when I bought it 8 years ago! Carpe Diem!
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    Ive gone and done something incredibly stupid.

    Purchased this as a driver for the interim while I build the Cobra. Fuck me. Single owner 1962 Ford Fairlane. Upholstery has already been done, brand new floor boards, has a foxbody injected 5.0 in it with a big Lunati cam. C4 trans with floor shift conversion. I got it cheap too. I drove it...
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    In case any of you were wondering

    what it takes to do gen2 cool fuel pumps on twin 4.3L mpi motors with easy drains in a 280 SeaRay Sundancer. Cooling systems, power steering systems, oil filter adapters, and both port side motor mounts had to be removed. The kicker, both these engines were just out of the boat right before my...
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    The big trucks thread.

    So I have been pretty quiet on this subject as I've been figuring it out but I think im at a point now where I can share. As some of you know I put a 6 inch lift on my Excursion a little over 2 years ago and shortly there after, I came across a young kid parting his farm truck out and I snagged...
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    Has the 2nd civil war just started?

    The US capitol is on lockdown after protesters stormed the Capitol building...
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    Carroll Shelby's personal AC Cobra is For Sale

    Or will be in only a few short months. Estimates have it selling for millions if not tens of millions...
  13. Shlbyntro

    500 Brownie points

    To the first person who can tell me the torque rating for this 4cylinder
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    Horrible Freight 25% off coupon

    Last day. I just picked me up a new 2ton cherry picker (regular $240) for $180. Go now if you haven't already ;)
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    Just posted in classifieds. My Howard Flatbottom

    Hey guys puting this up for sale. More info and pics in the classified add. Feel free to ask any questions. https://www.riverdavesplace.com/forums/threads/make-me-an-offer-1964-howard-split-cockpit-flatty.228090/ -Breck
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    Make me an offer: 1964 Howard Split Cockpit Flatty

    Hey guys, putting this up for sale. My garage space is at a premium and I don't know when I'll ever get to finishing this project that I started 10years ago. I need somebody to give it a good home and finish it for me. I believe it to be a 1964 Howard split cockpit 18.5' true flat bottom. It is...
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    Guy jumps off of the top of PennyBacker Bridge into Lake Austin

    Idk about you guys, but I see this and it pisses me off a little bit. People doing stupid shit like this and making the system pay for it is why health insurance is so fucking expensive. Anyway, minirant over. Enjoy the video
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    The hits just keep coming

    Me and 4 wheeled vehicles have been having a tough time lately
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    I just found

    a 20 yr old HBO porn that my boss is in 🤣🤣🤣 I'd post the link if it didnt earn me a vacation There have been rumors of its existence for years. But I finally found it last night, it really made my day haha
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    Any Texas inmates looking for a nice west coast boat?

    just learned today that a Sleekcraft I've been working on for the last several years has gone up for sale. It's a great low hour boat and has been very well taken care of though maybe not used quite enough in recent years. Its kind of been one of my adopted babies since I moved here and it found...