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    IMCO Gimbal Ring Torque Specs

    Is the torque specs for the 2 bolts on the top of the IMCO Gimbal Ring the same as a regular Mercury Ring ? Believe it's 55 lbs
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    [WTB] Labbed 26P

    Anyone have a labbed 26p for sale?
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    Biden finally gets it !!!

    In a speech earlier today Biden told a story that during the Carter administration a law was passed that greatly taxes on C level salaries. He went on to say that since then many executives take salary in stock options. I've always wondered why politicians seem to think of people a block of...
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    Have Fun and Be Safe out there this weekend fellas!

    Title says it all. Also never forget those who served so we have so many fine things including Memorial Day.
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    Battery Options ( Boat related)

    I'm getting my boat re built. For audio I have 1 1000W amp and 4 6x9's, for power I have 1 plain 27 series battery. I had asked my builder about adding another battery and a switch so I wouldn't have to worry about running the radio. He phoned and said he could put in an XS battery and slightly...
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    Top Fuel Hydro-300 mph ?

    After attending an SDBA race this past weekend at Lake Bryan( awesome event!) we got into a debate on if they were still going 1320 could today's Top Fuel Hyrdro's get to 300 mph? I know at 1000 on a good run they were getting into high 260's touching 270. Seems like it would be in the ball park.
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    White Portland Cement as a pool deck covering ?

    My wife and I are getting a quote to redo our pool deck in concrete. One of the quotes we got was from an old timer. We told him we wanted it covered wtih CoolDek or SprayDek. He said all that was White Portland Cement with Dust added to it. He said he would cover it with White Portland Cement...
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    No Credit Score, No Problem !

    JPMorgan, others plan to issue credit cards to people with no credit scores | Fox Business
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    Bridging an Amp ?

    I am not an audio guy I have 4 6x9's running off a 1000W 4 channel Boss amplifier. I added a dedicated audio battery to the boat over the winter. I have a spot for a sub the previous owner took out that I never have replaced due to battery concerns. As battery isn't a concern anymore I'd like...
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    Tavertine vs Cooldeck

    My house has a pool with a big wood deck that is time to replace. We don't want wood as I'm tired of little critters crawling under it. Our plan when the deck is out to replace all our pool lines as they are original to the pool (25 ish tears old). My uncle has cool deck around his pool and we...
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    Digital Dash

    Do digital dash's hold up in the sun over time ? If not I'll stick with what's tried and true.
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    Stand By Generator Cost

    As I sit here in Texas with 11 degree temp knowing I should have a decent bonus coming, anyone have insight on how much all in a 22kw standby generator would be ? I'm tired of this crap. I think a 22kw would be big enough for my house, gas heat, gas range, electric oven, one 5 ton AC. Any...
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    Learning to Machine

    I'm in the market for a hobby (besides boating) and after reading a few threads on machining I'm interested in seeing I can try this. By no means do I desire to be a machinist, strictly a hobby. Are their classes for this type of stuff or is it best self taught(books, etc)? Also are there actual...
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    Worthless tools

    Worth a laugh
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    Is this legal ?

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    Vaccine announced right after Biden is declared.

    This can't be made up.
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    Anyone making the jump off facebook to Parler ? I'm going to use facebook for social reasons only Feel free to move to the dungeon if that is appropriate
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    Water Pump sizing

    So this maybe a stupid question. I currently have an HP 500 that redlines around 5000. It's going to be rebuilt this winter and afterwards will hopefully be in the 6000 range. I had hoped to reuse my water pump, however i'm wondering if I will need a smaller pulley for it as the additional...
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    Dear Joe

    A message from the lone star state
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    Gel Coat color Fades repair ?

    I had stopped into my local fiberglass shop to get a crack repaired in my swim deck. In conversation with the owner I brought up that my boat has a lot of fades in it(a dark color to a light color), the shop owner advised me never to scratch the boat as fades like that can't be repaired outside...