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  1. shueman

    Eliminator Eagle 43' on Craigslist

    The orange boat was orig for GT Performance as a spec build by them. The orange scallops boat was Elim first build (700s) and is out on Havasu today. The red/white scalloped boat was John Harrah's which he raced. The last build (diesels) never foulbsa buyer unfortunately
  2. shueman

    565 or 600??

    Teague 825
  3. shueman

    Willow Valley double lot close to water

    6 years in the market ... 🤔
  4. shueman

    Wifes new toy......65 Bug

    Mint !
  5. shueman

    20mph winds this Saturday coming up. Gonna need more anchors!

    VHF Ch 69, Jack FM radio and on the Storm App
  6. shueman

    good morning inmates

  7. shueman

    Merry Christmas RDP!

    Merry Christmas RDP !!
  8. shueman

    Looking for Boat shop to finish my Spectra

    Menace Marine in Castaic
  9. shueman

    Trump in Bullhead

    TV coverage on CSPAN 2
  10. shueman

    Wishing Lavey Craft best of luck

    This will impact Joe Malich / RPM
  11. shueman

    Happy Birthday Grads

    Happy Birthday !
  12. shueman

    ...Chris Karamesines Set To Retire...

    I remember going Sat nights at Irwindale to watch him Tommy Ivo etc ...
  13. shueman

    Any shops in Havasu stock rub rail?

    Cheetah maybe?
  14. shueman


    Nice jolt here in Rancho Cuc
  15. shueman

    I like 'PowerboatListings.com' but.....

    Waste of time ... IMO
  16. shueman

    Went out to Interceptor Custom Boats - Bob Leach

    They were already there
  17. shueman

    Makin moves new to me boat

    Luv it !