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  1. Boat211

    SOLD - 2015 Chevrolet SS

    Car is in great condition. Always garage kept. Love the car but just don’t drive it much. Car is in Discovery Bay Ca. $39k
  2. Boat211

    Hallett 210 ski race boats - Where did they go?

    Was recently thinking about all of the cool 210’s that used to be around. You know... the ones with big turbos and #6’s.There were not a ton of them but where did they go? I think 1 or 2 may have went overseas and we know a couple have been repurposed but are there any still around?
  3. Boat211

    Some Havasu Moto

    My son and I will be in Havasu between Christmas and New Years. He likes motocross and I am more of an off-road guy. Will anyone be around to do some riding? We have been to the motocross track in town. Are there any other cool spots to ride? Will definitely be up for some desert riding too.
  4. Boat211

    Thanksgiving weekend offroad

    My son and I are heading down for thanksgiving and wanting to ride in the desert for the first time. We will be on dirt bikes. Where is the best staging area? Any pointers are appreciated. We are staying in Havasu on the Island.
  5. Boat211

    What do you drive for a commuter?

    Looking to acquire something. Looking at the Chevy Cruze. Looks like good MPG. My crew cab duramax dually is a little much. Just putting on senseless mileage. I commute about 70 miles a day.
  6. Boat211

    PWC Question

    I know I know, we all hate them but regardless my parents want one. They asked my opinion on them and I have no idea. Anybody here have any knowledge on them? They will want a 3 seater. Any of them shine? Any to stay away from? Thanks for any info.
  7. Boat211

    Ready for a ski ride

    Looking forward to getting back on these this summer.
  8. Boat211

    Dirt bike dilemma. What to buy?

    So I am considering buying a new dirt bike. My background is small bore motocross bikes. I am much more offload than motocross but like the performance of the motocross bikes. Grew up riding 125 2 strokes mostly. In 04 I bought a RMZ 250. Absolutely loved the bike. In 07 I bought another RMZ...
  9. Boat211

    I hope everyone....

    Is having a great weekend. Make the best of it.
  10. Boat211

    Any results from worlds?

    I saw Day 1 but does anyone have anything from day 2?
  11. Boat211

    New 28' cat w/ outboards. How do you pick?

    So we have 3 pretty stellar builders out here when shopping for a new boat in this category. There all fairly similar in speed it seems and I'm assuming base pricing is close too. Though I can't confirm that. So is it just a feel from visiting the shops? Please share your experiences.
  12. Boat211

    I'm tired a winter

    And ready for a ski ride.
  13. Boat211

    YZ 125

  14. Boat211

    UTV intercom

    Wondering why all the intercoms seem to be PTT? In my boat we had a system that was always on. Seemed to work great in that application.
  15. Boat211

    Aluminum wheel restoration

    Anyone know of A place for wheel restoration? May try it ourself but every now and then it's worth while to pay a professional.
  16. Boat211

    Schiada weight

    So you hear light lay up / heavy lay up. What does a 21RC weigh? How about on a trailer?
  17. Boat211

    What happened to all the #6 drive 210's?

    There were a handful racing at one time. Did they all end up overseas?
  18. Boat211

    What's your "perfect boat"

    Is there really such a thing? I've been thinking lately and am not sure there is. I'm like many others on here. I enjoy haulin ass. I enjoy it in many different boats as well. From a bad ass flatty to the big cats. However I have also had an incredible amount of fun on a toon as well. If someone...
  19. Boat211

    Mini cat hull

    Just picked this up from Ultra a couple weeks ago. Changed my mind. $2k. Just want my money back out of it. It's in Discovery Bay, Ca.
  20. Boat211

    Vertical Air

    This one shows a little wear so I will take $400 for it. Plus the ride.