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  1. LHC30

    2014 Bennington 2350QCL Tri-Toon for sale

    2014 Bennington 2350 QCL Tritoon for sale. Just over 100 hours on a wonderful Merc 200 Verado with power steering, DTS helm/gauges, fish finder and 30-gal fuel tank. Full playpen cover and stored mostly indoors. Champagne with red accent, Sea Grass flooring, SRS Performance and Rough water...
  2. LHC30

    Netflix Defends Newsome !

    Just saw an article (very brief) on Fox where Netflix has donated $3 million to the Governor’s anti-recall effort! I suppose it should not be much of a surprise, but it has me seriously considering dumping Netflix.
  3. LHC30

    Two Fatalities on Moab Rim Trail Yesterday

    Sad to hear two men from Arizona lost their lives yesterday afternoon on the famous Moab Rim Trail. A mechanical malfunction is suspected as the cause of the rollover that led the Jeep to roll down the cliff. The occupants only identified as a 56 and 47 years old pending notification of kin...
  4. LHC30

    MT2 Chuck and Arbor needed in LHC

    Just picked up an old Cummins Mack drill press that drills oval holes😳. Checking the main shaft I get only .003 runout but when I check the head of the chuck it’s over .030 and noticeable. I pulled the chuck and arbor, cleaned them up and put it back in. Still too much. It seems either the...
  5. LHC30

    We’ve Been Flocked!

    Came out this morning to find this vandalism to our front yard! Does anyone have any knowledge about this group? It seems harmless and perhaps a real charity. Did a little research and it seems legit. I’d love to help out but try not to get burned.
  6. LHC30

    Jet Circling Havasu?

    Just hanging out by the pool and there is one, sometimes two, jets circling Havasu are at a medium altitude. Why? Military exercise?
  7. LHC30

    6.8 L Tuner for RV?

    I am annoyed by the v-10’s downshift on hills. Started looking for a trans tuner and have almost settled on the 5 Star tune. Price is a little steep but all the reviews and articles say these folks have the tune right. Fuel mileage gain is a side plus, but the trans issue seems most...
  8. LHC30

    RDP Special CCW Class 2/28 - 4 spots left

    We are hosting a special CCW course at Southwest Firearms tomorrow for RDP members. A small discount has been OK’d. We have 4 seats left. First to PM me will get them. 8:30 to about Noon. $60/person includes all instruction, application and fingerprints. Thanks.
  9. LHC30

    12V inverters and wiring?

    SO, this little RV doesn't have an inverter anywhere, just a genset, shore power hookup and a pair of batteries. Im thinking of adding a 1500 watt inverter to run the Keurig and the MW when boondocking so as to not run the generator much. I think I have it sized right in the 1500 with a 2500 w...
  10. LHC30

    Quartzite RV show

    Is anyone planning on going or have gone this year? Thinking of heading down Saturday to check it out. Not really looking for a MH as we have one that suites us. Looking for ideas to upgrade what we have. What should I expect and any advice is appreciated.
  11. LHC30

    [WTS] Pool table Light, Mag Tail Lights

    3 bulb, 52” wide, 27” tall overhead pool table light with 6’ chain and cord. Oiled bronze finish. $200 An old set of magnetic taillights with 4 pin connector. Finally got my Mopar harness working. $15.
  12. LHC30

    [WTS] Edelbrock Intake

    #2701, Performer EPS for SB Chevy new but mounted once. Turns out I needed the shorter one. Lol. New they are $149. First $100 cash takes it.
  13. LHC30

    [WTS] TV mount/ HDMI Extenders/ HDMI Splitter

    I have these items left over from my home A/V project. Top quality hardware (just ask Paradise). One Strong brand tilting wall mount for up to an 80lb, 300x400 vesa pattern $40). One Binary brand HDMI splitter ( run 2 tv’s from one source - $25). And two Binary brand HDMI extender sets (run...
  14. LHC30

    Flying Old Glory

    So, with "Bitch" McConnel and Pence's actions in the electoral vote today, and with the apparent dual win by the D's in the GA Senate races, am I to believe all avenues to keeping America intact have run their course? If so, at sunrise tomorrow, I will remove my "Trump 2020" flag and invert Old...
  15. LHC30

    RV A/V systems or shop recommendations

    The only sound we have in our lil class c is the dash unit ( pos Jensen) the powers the two door speakers. Thinking of upgrading the dash setup to make good sound while driving ( fair amount of road/ wind noise) and getting a separate unit for the coach. I want the coach unit to be efficient...
  16. LHC30

    Anti-Sway Bars, Hellwig or Roadmaster?

    It seems that on Class C MH's, the suspension (be it on a 350 or 450) is helped greatly by upgrading the stock anti-sway bars. I have found both Roadmaster and Hellwig get great reviews and seem to be the two best choices. Hellwig is always significantly less expensive. Why is that? Is it the...
  17. LHC30


    Now the wind has dies it seems perfect weather for ballooning
  18. LHC30

    Towed Jeep braking system advice

    I have all the parts to safely tow the 13 JKUR behind the Coachmen except the braking system. I’d like a progressive type system but don’t have air brakes and really don’t want the storage hassle of a Patriot unit that sits on the floor and has to be removed all the time. So I’m looking...
  19. LHC30

    Gunshop Employment Opportunity

    Gun Store Help Wanted! Due to planned increase in customer services, SouthWest Firearms, Havasu’s premier gun store, is looking for a sales person for part time employment. This person must be 21yrs or older, no disqualifying criminal past, and reliable. Customer service skills are important...
  20. LHC30

    [SOLD] 2002 Jeep Wrangler Sport

    Decided we have too many vehicles and need to downsize. So, on the block is my ‘02 TJ 4.0L 5spd manual Sport. Stock Dana 44/30 axles (3.73 gears) with Revolution rear axles and Black Magic rear brakes. Soft top and tinted windows. Both full and half doors! Lots of misc new repair parts etc...