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    Boat Bling Black Friday Discount

    Just went live with the Black Friday discount on www.boatbling.net. Use code BLACKFRIDAY at checkout for 20% off all products and packages. Happy Thanksgiving from the Boat Bling crew! PS- posting from the app so let's see how this works #rdsux -Zack
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    Ghost Riding Boat in Monsoon

    Some bad monsoon storms have rolled through Phoenix over the past few days. The winds from a microburst even sent a friend's boat on a ghost ride of about 250 yards and someone caught it on video. Lesson learned, chock the tires even while sitting on flat ground. Bimini, cover and trailer jack...
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    Budget Silverado Crew Cab

    After selling my beloved 04 crew cab it was time for something new. She served me well for over 200k miles and sold to the first person to come by. Small world, buyer is a long time Boat Bling customer with a big Fountain and we have multiple mutual friends so I still get to see her every now...
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    Desert Storm Promo with RDP and Positive Trim

    I was just looking at some old banners in the shop from Desert Storm 2016. I can't believe this will be Boat Bling's 11th year participating in the event, time flies! Over the years, the street fair has become my personal favorite part of the event but as a vendor, I'm stuck working the...
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    King of Hammers 2017, Anyone Going?

    King of Hammers goes down next week, do any RDP inmates plan on racing or spectating? I will be there Tues-Fri supporting a friend's effort in the UTV race on Wed 2/8, car #209. https://ultra4racing.com/%2520https%253a//www.ultra4racing.com/race/9 -Zack
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    2004 Chevy Silverado Crew Cab - SOLD

    SOLD! Thanks for looking. -Zack
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    Nobody Sitting Down at PHX Sky Harbor

    Yesterday I was sitting in the airport waiting to board a flight and noticed US & POW-MIA flags at the end of the terminal. Catching up on weekend emails before take off, I didn't think much of it. Soon a few volunteers began distributing small flags to kids, again I was too wrapped up in my...
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    Boat Bling Visit to MTI

    My favorite role at Boat Bling is visiting our distributors and training their sales teams. It takes me places I would never otherwise visit and I get to make friends all over the country & occasionally internationally. This week I traveled to St Louis to meet with a new distribution partner...
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    Yikes! Close Call

    Just came across this video. Looks like it's from a poker run in Sweden. That could have ended poorly. https://youtu.be/DOJTu_fJv3g -Zack
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    Fox's Mudslide Recipe?

    Does anyone know the secret recipe that Fox's uses to make their epic Mudslides? I know some of the magic will be missing 165 miles away from the floating dock but I'd like to fire up the blender this weekend and DIY. -Zack
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    50' Skater Build for Around the World Record Attempt

    One of our Midwest customers sent me a link to this thread on OSO. I haven't seen it mentioned on RDP outside of a couple speedonthewater features so thought you guys might enjoy it. Thread documents the full build of a 50' Skater designed with the exclusive goal of breaking endurance records...
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    Mercury Marine Training Center Visit

    Had a meeting yesterday with one of our distribution partners in Atlanta. A part of the Brunswick corporation, this distribution facility shares space with a Mercury Marine technician training center. As a self-confessed performance boat nut who had his original subscription to Powerboat...
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    The Road to LA

    There have been several threads over the past few weeks about the upcoming LA Boat Show. Lots of talk about declining participation, attendance, etc. IMO one of the best contributions was John West (Ultra 28) sharing his experiences as a vendor which offered a unique behind the scenes...
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    New M35

    Haven't seen this one on RDP yet. Here's the latest M35 delivery. I dig it, especially the details like solid hatches and patterned carpet. To me, it's the small stuff that sets custom builder's apart. 2 thumbs up, we'll see if the owner chimes in
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    Prop Repair: How it Works

    Prop repair has always fascinated me. The ability of a skilled technician to hammer, weld and massage a mangled piece of metal back into shape in order to propel several thousand pounds of boat across the water at high speeds is an artform. This morning I visited Props Plus in Scottsdale, AZ to...
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    Hot Sauce Tuesday - Boat Babes

    Time to get back to basics. This place is all about enjoying the boating lifestyle and sharing common interests, one of them being boat bunnies. This week's challenge is simple, post your best photos featuring girls on the boat. Could be your boat, a friend's boat, your girl, a friend's...
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    Hot Sauce Tuesday - Launch Ramp Antics

    Happy Tuesday inmates! In the last challenge we asked for your closest call on the water and the replies did not disappoint with Icky taking home the grand prize through his story about crashing into Idiot Rock (Bob's Rock?) at night in Parker. Although he was not the ultimate winner, one...
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    Hot Sauce Tuesday - Close Calls

    Reading through the forums the past couple days it looks like last weekend was a little hairy on the water. 3 accidents in Parker plus RD and family's adventure coming home from Topock in the dark (amazing pics BTW :D:D). This week we'd like you to share the closest near miss you've ever had...
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    Hot Sauce Tuesday - Boating in New Areas

    Been a brutal past few weeks of prep and travel, time to get the Hot Sauce Tuesday's rolling once again. Spent the past week in Orlando and having lived in Phoenix for the past 10 years one would think you would be accustomed to all manner of heat but WOW, 95* & 90%+ humidity is an entirely...
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    Hot Sauce Tuesday - Holiday Weekend

    It's Tuesday and that means we're giving away some free Boat Bling product to a lucky RDP inmate! This week we want to know who will have the biggest crew on their boat over the weekend. Everyone thinks kids are a destructive force but I think we've all witnessed how messy a group of adults can...