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    In what way?
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    So you feel post obama care that mess is cleaned up now and on the right path?
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    The FED Chariman!

    While I agree with you 100% there was still a huge number of people that didn't have the money and said screw it because they got tired of sitting home. While interest rates stay low and no real bad home loans being written there was a lot of Helocs. Tons of people paid the inflated prices for...
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    When Libturds Run Cities .com

    I heard he had said that basically in a state of emergency he is the sheriff of the county and is responsible for the whole county.
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    AZ ballot audit is happening now!!!!

    Question was which party hands out more free money, i.e. food stamps, cell phones, so on. If you have any data on that post it up please because I am sincerely asking, or I can start another thread as this one is about AZ election audit. You linked me to a article from a Canadian site with an...
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    AZ ballot audit is happening now!!!!

    Nice twist as always and completely inaccurate of what I said. The only experiment here was voter fraud. Cripple an economy, shut it down, force ballets and let the machines do the rest. I will admit well played, execution not bad either. You guys had your chance with Russia came up short...
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    AZ ballot audit is happening now!!!!

    Who is demanding a hanging? Not saying it didn't happen, just figured it would be all over the news. Regardless, any example you throw up I am sure can be met by 5 examples of the lefties and threats on Trump easily. Common goal was thrown out a long time ago. Your side doesn't believe in...
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    AZ ballot audit is happening now!!!!

    Is that so? So you are going to sit here and lecture everyone on how after a "point" everyone should stop because you feel we have reached that "point and it's proven consistent with the law and constitution"? Uhmm, did we forget about Russia, Russia, Russia already? Did we forget how much...
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    Joe Biden’s Son is a Drug Dealer

    Don't Care -Grads
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    Duramax cow piss

    I would say at this point they are just plugging in for any previous faults or check engine codes. Eventually down the road they might be able to read but doubt it. The problem will be if they do forced regens at inspection then you will have a problem. I had to smog a sport chassis not to...
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    Give us our free shit

    Do you think if your company hired someone new without experience they should make the same money you do? You don't think we have enough "programs" already in place that help people who need it?
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    17 Consecutive Months.....

    The left still hasn't figured out that they are the best salesperson for ammo and firearms.
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    Joey Kicking Ass

    So that makes it ok then huh? 😄
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    Roger Stone = Predicts!!

    Guilty of what exactly? All I have heard is some rogue DA from New York (what a shock) is at the helm trying to put together a case on Trump. Another nothing burger so far. They are using their time trying to figure out what b.s. charges they can come up with that will stick. I am sorry but...
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    Roger Stone = Predicts!!

    I honestly feel that if anything could cause civil unrest it would be if that man gets locked up. I also feel that he's preparing for something like this and he could unload ton's of info he gathered up during his presidency.
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    American flag not allowed..

    You sure it isn't the "manager" that has the problem? If you've been rocking it for a year and were never contacted maybe she doesn't want it there?
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    GREAT Question

    Never said ALL parent's are like minded said most. In regards to access and secure system's I won't bother getting into ways how this could work you don't agree with it anyways which is fine. I think if schools wanted to offer that they should let the parent's vote and if they had enough...
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    GREAT Question

    You can make it pretty secure. It wouldn't be a public feed like the webcam in the channel at the lake. It should also be setup to where access is only available during a class session only so to give teachers privacy when they are in the classroom by themselves.
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    GREAT Question

    It doesn't seem to affect the hundred of thousands of business's that have cameras, i.e. banks/grocery stores/car dealerships/restaurants/casinos/ect ect ect. I think most parent's due pay attention and are involved but cameras are good at times to. Look at the incident just this week with the...