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  1. traquer

    What chlorine shortage?

    Safeway in Bullhead
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    2-stroke DI rules on Lake Mohave?

    Can anyone clarify if these are the latest specs and is what's currently in-effect? https://www.nps.gov/lake/learn/management/twostroke.htm Basically it looks like many Sea Doos and other watercraft that were built prior to 2006 already met these standards
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    No kneeling in sport for Hungary

    Orban knows what's up. Love this country more by the day: "According to Orbán, “a Hungarian kneels before God, before his homeland, and if he is proposing to his lover then there is still that third expected instance. In Hungary, every other instance of kneeling is a culturally foreign act.”...
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    Lookin for a cheap boat

    My dad wants to get something to cruise around in this summer and probably sell it when they move to Texas in the winter. Any leads on something under $15k? Doesn't have to be a performance boat. He doesn't like toons though. Thx!
  5. traquer

    Felt like a kid again

    Buddy just bought one of these and it's the greatest thing ever! Feels like snowboarding with a bit of water skiing. Lot easier than it looks and not as deadly as those shitty hoverboards. Pricey but thinking to get one! Anyone have long-term experience with one? Would hate it if breaks down a...
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    Funky thread on pool pressure relief valve

    Mine broke in half today and it will take a week to get on Amazon.. I want to cap it off for the meantime so I can run the pump but I couldn't find anything with this thread at HD. Why can't they use standard 3/4 pipe thread? This is more course than water hose thread.
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    Silver bets?

    Can't buy any bullion or coins as of right now, no dealer wants to sell since they don't know the actual price over the weekend. Crazy stuff. I might just load up on silver, as worst case I hang on to it for retirement. I'm young. What say RDP?
  9. traquer

    Private party car deal today w/ title at credit union

    Looking at a nice BMW today, owner bought it CPO 2 years ago. He has a loan on it with his credit union but just paid it of. He won't have the title in hand for a few more weeks though since it's an "electronic title" and they don't have anything physical to give him. Stupid I know. I am...
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    Headshots on resumes

    A friend said that some employers are requesting this lately. I guess employers wised up and don't want to waste time interviewing anyone that looks like a crybaby antifa member? Good move
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    Ratchet restoration

    I can't believe I spent 15 min watching this, but it's badass
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    I was at the race track recently and had trouble with my wimpy impact wrench.. Won't be having that problem again lol. 1400 lb/ft
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    Merry Christmas from my lawyer

    From the author (“the Wishor”) to you (hereinafter called “the Wishee”), Please accept, without obligation, express, implied or implicit, the Wishor’s best wishes for an environmentally conscious, socially responsible, politically correct, low stress, non-addictive, gender-neutral celebration...
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    Black to white theme

    Did I just click something randomly or did the forum turn into a light color theme today?! lol Honestly I had to get off the site quite a few times just because my eyes couldn't deal with the white text on black background.. This is much better
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    When you feel like a piece of shit..

    You can find comfort knowing that at least you're not this guy St. Paul police shoot naked, drugged-up, knife-wielding man who bursts out of dumpster after stealing orange juice...
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    Coolest flying video I've seen

    I could watch this for hours. Put it on full screen
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    Cost per sqft to build in Socal?

    Have an interesting lead on property in Riverside, was wondering what the range is these days for single level residential? I know lumber is crazy expensive
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    Blue RD SUX sticker in Placentia

    Nice truck, black GMC on Rose and Imperial in Placentia about 2 hours ago. I was on the way to the dentist and bummed out, the sticker made me smile at least. You might have saw the Essex sticker on my white suburban.
  19. traquer

    Covid vaccine more experimental than I thought..

    First of it's kind used on humans, ever. Read the article. I'm sure as shit not putting this experimental stuff in my body lol https://www.lewrockwell.com/2020/08/joseph-mercola/gates-tries-to-justify-side-effects-of-fast-tracked-vaccine/