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  1. Cobalt232

    Cool fire drop

    Nice to see the BAe 146 still working. I used to fly on the ones that PSA had in the 80's.
  2. Cobalt232

    ATTN Pilots. Need Input On What To Plane Buy

    Sunriver, OR, flying up with the family? Now I'm thinking an SR22TN with FIKI and AC. And your company needs to pay more than fuel if you are going to job sites.
  3. Cobalt232

    My Car Buying Saga Continues

    I had an Atlas rental a couple of weeks ago. It was rental trim, but actually pretty nice. My dad has a Q8 and it is great. Also, I love my S4, but I think I'm going electric next.
  4. Cobalt232

    Cool fire drop

    Tanker 944 (747-400) was only able to get interim approvals to fly for the US Forest Service. They were unable to correct some drop, coverage, and trailing issues. There was also an issue that was preventing it from completely fully emptying the retardant which is a requirement.
  5. Cobalt232

    Cool fire drop

    Unfortunately, the 747 tanker has been pulled from service. The company has ceased operations.
  6. Cobalt232

    Cool fire drop

    It can be very hard on the airframe as the wings are unloaded.
  7. Cobalt232

    A view from the office window. What’s yours?

    One of the cool paint schemes too?
  8. Cobalt232

    Alternative to a Bimini- Yes, No?

    I had a holder made that screws into our ski pole hole. The umbrella goes inside it and is held in by a thumbscrew.
  9. Cobalt232

    Corporate greed?

    It's the Good, Better, Best pricing strategy. It's a pricing strategy based on consumer behavior. https://www.psychologytoday.com/us/blog/the-science-behind-behavior/201602/what-consumers-should-know-about-good-better-best-pricing
  10. Cobalt232

    Snowbird renters Havasu

    My thoughts exactly.
  11. Cobalt232

    A view from the office window. What’s yours?

    Still using Filezilla?
  12. Cobalt232

    Why so many 18 wheelers wadded up on i40?

    Maybe I have not noticed it before, but what is the black fuzzy thing with fuzzy balls that they tie to their rearview mirror?
  13. Cobalt232

    Smoker Recommendations

    I got a RecTeq RT-590 last July for my birthday from my wife. (after I put it in the online cart for her). It's great. I love my Weber kettle but have not used it since. In a year, only one time would I have liked more space, so the smaller size is good with me. Personally, I would not...
  14. Cobalt232

    4 seat speed UTV

    I've never even sat in an SXS. My son's in-laws have a Polaris that they love but have had to put in a bunch of 'upgrades' to make it good. I watched a few of the design presentations and put down my deposit for an RG El Jefe. If the parts are there, I bet they can make 40 per day as Hisun is...
  15. Cobalt232

    4 seat speed UTV

    They are being built by Hisun in Texas.
  16. Cobalt232

    Fun with rental cars.....

    I was expecting to see photos of the "Rental Rally" that takes place whenever me and buddies have more than 1 rental car. Nothing is faster than a rental car.
  17. Cobalt232

    Well that’s kinda bullshit

    My high school best friend worked there in the late 70's/early 80's. I've been getting all my tires and most brakes there since we moved to San Clemente in 1992. I've deposited lots of nails there too!
  18. Cobalt232

    Well that’s kinda bullshit

    Say hi to Ron and Sergio.
  19. Cobalt232

    Two observations about Lake Tahoe

    Our Cobalt is a 2006 when Cobalt was still family-owned. Supposedly, quality has gone down since Malibu bought them, but still good. Ours spent most of it's life on Lake Michigan and takes large 90 degree waves very well. I do see a handful of other Cobalts on Havasu, but not too many.