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  1. 77hallett

    KC-130J/F-35 MidAir

    Not sure if anybody saw, but there was a midair between a KC-130J and an F-35 yesterday afternoon during aerial refueling operations. Not sure as to the specifics, but the boys of Raider 50 had balls of steel to ride her in with engines 3 and 4 out. The 35 driver ejected with minor injuries and...
  2. 77hallett

    2016 KX450F

    Only trail ridden. Has a few scratches on the plastics but nothing excessive. New chain and rear sprocket FMF 4.1 RCT full exhaust Air forks swapped with the race tech spring conversion kit by ZR1 in Tucson. Bike will also come with stock exhaust, air fork internals, and air fork pump. Pink...