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  1. Hava-Schiada

    RIP Coach Don Shula

    Was one of the greatest. :(
  2. Hava-Schiada

    Shout out to Barrett Custom Marine

    Today at about 4:30 we pulled the boat out at Windsor. While in the wipe down area, I noticed one of or trailer tires was flat. No problem, I always have the portable air compressor in the back of our Yukon. Oh crap...realized I left it in the Jeep, as we have been off-roading the past...
  3. Hava-Schiada

    County Operated Boat Ramps Closed and Rafting Up Outlawed in Miami-Dade

    https://www.miamiherald.com/news/coronavirus/article241408461.html hoping the link works
  4. Hava-Schiada

    Bay Area Martial Law?

    I‘m sure everyone will remain calm! :rolleyes: https://www.mercurynews.com/2020/03/16/coronavirus-six-bay-area-counties-to-shelter-in-place/
  5. Hava-Schiada

    Has the date for Desert Storm Changed?

    https://www.havasunews.com/news/win-rain-will-pass-just-in-time-for-desert-storm/article_6420ddc6-5f82-11e9-8663-63d374673e75.html?utm_medium=social&utm_source=email&utm_campaign=user-share Just wondering.. They must not use an Editor? :eek:
  6. Hava-Schiada

    Possibly looking to ship a 2011 Honda Accord Coupe

    From OC to College Park Maryland....Any shippers on the boards or recommendations???
  7. Hava-Schiada

    Mercury High Five 21P For Sale

    Mercury High Five 13 1/4 X 21P, excellent condition. Great for pulling skiers and hole shot. Has only one minor ding, pictured above on both sides of blade. This prop is not vented like the newer versions, nor does it require a hub assembly kit. 48-815760-21. $300.00
  8. Hava-Schiada

    Labbed Quicksilver 3 Blade 23P For Sale

    Quicksilver 13 1/4 x 23 RH 3 blade prop, Perfect condition with no scratches or dings. This prop is vented as well. Ran on 1996 225 Pro Max. $300.00 48-11074-23. Includes Flo-Torq II hub assembly.
  9. Hava-Schiada

    Cornhole! Shout out to ChevelleSB406

    Tom did a great job for me. Nailed the match by looking at some old photos! I highly recommend him. Quality work, finished product as promised, easy to work with. Thanks again Tom!!! :)
  10. Hava-Schiada

    Looking for a good hardscape/landscape contractor in the OC

    Looking to revamp both front and backyards. Any suggestions for my area???
  11. Hava-Schiada

    Tiger Stream Boxpu

    Just upgraded to an S4 Tiger Stream Box. Dave Montana from Stream Smart is putting these out. Great graphics, runs on KODI, and he has done a nice job pre-loading the favorites menu. He honored the RDP promo code for the combo pack as well. :) He has some demonstration videos on...
  12. Hava-Schiada

    RD and Pink Taco

    Nice meeting you today. Weekday boating, especially after school is in, rocks! In hindsight, I apologize for not offering you guys a ride? Next time for sure!:)
  13. Hava-Schiada

    Bad Day at the Launch Ramp Yesterday

    After a great day on the lake yesterday, came back to Windsor ramp to find some dumb ass hit my truck with their boat trailer. Obviously pulled out of the spot next to me and turned without compensating for the trailer they were pulling. I get that many times an inexperienced passenger on the...
  14. Hava-Schiada

    Ride on a Schiada 20 O/B

    Played around with the GoPro a couple weeks ago. :) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uqDH-4C16pQ Side Mount: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cV0cVVK-tc0&feature=relmfu Almost lost the camera:rolleyes http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t9vN7tJs-dM&feature=relmfu
  15. Hava-Schiada

    Bunk Repair

    We unexpectedly needed to replace our trailer bunks when one of them floated on Friday afternoon while retreiving. I called Bunk Repair and got hooked up on Saturday. He did a great job at a great price! Done right with stainless hardware, counter sank and through bolted them. Not lag...
  16. Hava-Schiada

    Jet Connex / Reedex Corp. Excellent Customer Service!

    I've been using one of these wiring harnesses on my boat trailer for more than 8 years. Recently, I had an intermittent problem with my right tail light / turn signal. I narrowed down the problem to the Jet Connex. Figured it was a loose connection. Since I live in HB where the company is...
  17. Hava-Schiada

    Schiada 24 Project

    My buddy, who is not a board member, is having some work done on his 24 at Schiada. Finally got some pics to post, and will post more when it is done. New interior, new hatch, hydraulic steering, new stereo, new shifter, lots of clean up work in the engine bay. Thought I would give you guys...