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  1. 1homeblown

    Sternpower drive

    Looking for some education. Pops DiMarco has a 1979 DiMarco with a Sternpower outdrive (same style drive as in the picture). I am looking for information regarding props and size of the propshaft and if this sternpower drive shares the same dimension shaft/splines as a Speedmaster. Any...
  2. 1homeblown

    What is “too early” for boat start-up on the Parker Strip?

    Blown flatbottom with dry headers. Something I’ve always tried to keep in mind whenever I do an “early” start-up[emoji51]. It never seems to be before 7:30ish but that might change. Interested in some feedback especially from riverfront property owners. Cheers! Sent from my iPhone...
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    Pirates Cove to Needles Marina

    Anyone done this ride all off-road? Are there trails for bikes or SXS? Thanks Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Roadrunner July 4th

    Was anyone out in a boat milling around in front of the Roadrunner as the sun was going down before the fireworks show? I went through the crowd in the flatbotttom as everyone was waiting for the show. Just wondering if anyone got any footage or pics of it. I didn’t have enough time to...
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    35-40 years ago in Parker

    Some old pictures I found today. That’s me in the far right. Pops still owns the DiMarco in the background. Pops old Hallet flat before he found the Schiada flat. Pops, older brother and myself by the now mine Schiada flat. Fire across the river from Pops place in Parker. Another...
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    Stainless jacketed exhaust for turbos

  7. 1homeblown

    Moon tank

    Posting for a friend. Please contact him and not me. Moon 7 gallon aluminum gas tank with mounting brackets ...23 1/2 end to end ... 10" tall ... good condition**$275.00**951 237-3043 Moon 7 gallon aluminum gas tank with mounting brackets ...23 1/2 end to end ... 10" tall ... good...
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    1999 Yamaha PW80

    Sold It's a great starter bike. 2-stroke green sticker through June 2018 Shiftable automatic
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    BDS Blower manifold for sale

    SOLD BDS blower manifold for a standard deck BBC. I bought it new from Good Vibrations, installed it but never completed the motor so it never ran. Thx
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    Superchiller for sale

    SOLD Comes with studs and nuts. I bought it and never used it. It looks new but I was told it was used a couple times but it shows no wear. It has a regular core...not the cupronickel core. SOLD Thx
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    Needs a home

    This is Hercules. This is what I've been told about him... He's Bulldog/Staffordshire terrier mix. Approximately 9 months old. Very sweet dog. He limps a little with his left front. Besides that I don't know much about him. This dog was on his way to the pound so I intervened. I can't keep...
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    1988 28 foot Kayot Pontoon

    This is a project pontoon. We've used it for several years now and had a blast on it but we don't use it anymore so it needs to go. It needs pretty much everything. Here is my best description... 28 feet long 4 cylinder Chevrolet 4.3 liter I think. It runs but surely needs some TLC such...
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    Scoop, adaptor and flame arrestors

    New scoop for dominators. 12 3/4" center to center. $180 Dominator flame arrestors- SOLD Polished adaptor with studs - 12 3/4" center to center for
  14. 1homeblown

    Polished Shorty Powerglide

    Bought my Schiada flatbottom with the trans in it. Pulled the trans out of the boat and had it checked out and professionally rebuilt. I will not be using the trans in the boat now. It is fresh from the shop and has zero hours on it. Comes with what you see. It's in Torrance, Ca. 90501...
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    KPM 14" Strainer

    I have a KPM strainer that has never been used. I bought it thinking I'd use it for my blown motor but decided not to use it. It's never had water in it. Has a lexan glass top. It's a bitchin piece. I do NOT have a mount for it. $325 plus shipping
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    Good dog needs a good home

    I have a couple of links to try and get this dog adopted. Here is a Youtube link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dfbD6vteDGo Petunia's Story... Petunia is about 4 years old and is a super fun, friendly, gentle, loving girl. She loves to play catch and even brings it back! I can't say...
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    Reputable shop in So. Bay to have a truck bagged?

    Friend of mine wants his 2007 1500 classic. Xtra cab Chevy truck bagged. Anyone have any recommendations for the South Bay? Thanks
  18. 1homeblown

    Schiada flatbottom question...

    How thick is the botttom of the boat (flatbottom) at the transom? I need to drill/cut a drain hole in my transom but want to get an idea of how thick the bottom of the boat is at the transom. Thanks for the help 1homeblown
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    Teaching my kids to ride bikes

    Where in Parker can I go to teach my kids to ride their 50 and 80? Looking for some flat forgiving terrain that is legal to ride in. Thanks :thumbsup
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    L.E.D. trailer lights

    Where do I find them? Looking to replace all of the lights on my trailer with a kit of some sort. I'd like to have a clear cover with red lights but I can't seem to find them anywhere. :skull Thanks for the help.. --1Homeblown