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  1. jailbird141


    I am posting in the Lounge because it gets the most traffic. Can anyone recommend someone to install pavers in Lake Havasu? I am in the final stretch of construction and want pavers installed for the driveway, walkway to the porch and porch area. Not having much luck getting calls returned. Any...
  2. jailbird141

    Deck Coating

    Looking for opinions from anyone who has coated or recoated their outside deck in Havasu. I am getting ready to coat the second story balcony's and am having a tough time deciding what product to use. It seems like they all have as many horror stories as they do success stories, so any input...
  3. jailbird141

    Water softener or whole house filter?

    Looking for input from those who have water softener system or whole house filter system on their house in Havasu. I am trying to decide which route to go with my new construction. I am not much of a fan of the way soft water feels for showering and such but have also heard the water is way to...
  4. jailbird141

    Where to shoot in Havasu?

    Where is a good place to shoot in Havasu? I have targets and ammo and would like to find somewhere I can set them up and shoot. I am not looking for a range to shoot at, just somewhere maybe out of town or something where I can set up a target. Anywhere on the outskirts of town?
  5. jailbird141

    New Home Build

    I am going to try and keep this thread going from start to finish. My completion date goal is July 1st, 2021. Prior to breaking ground, Graphic Concepts did my plans. I had a couple sketches of what I wanted, Graphic Concepts did the rest. I am doing owner/builder so I pulled my permits myself...
  6. jailbird141

    A/C Opinions

    Anyone who has experience with air conditioning systems, I would like your opinion. I am building a new two story house in Havasu. The first floor will be all garage, roughly 2000 sqft. The second story will be all living area, roughly 2200 sqft. I got a few quotes for the A/C/ system. In your...
  7. jailbird141

    Shooting in Havasu?

    Where is a good place to take the wife and daughter shooting in Havasu? No long guns, just hand guns. They want to put a few rounds through the guns to stay comfortable handling them. Any good ranges? Or even places out of town where we can set up our own targets? Maybe in the hills? Thanks in...
  8. jailbird141

    Foundation contractor

    I have started getting bids for the foundation for my new build in Havasu. I have PM'd a few peeps who are also building and got feedback on contractors they used. Anyone have and recomendations for a contractor to dig, form, pour and finish my foundation? I have already got a quote from...
  9. jailbird141

    On a COVID-19 note

    Has anyone noticed any change is the residential construction market in Lake Havasu? Has it started to slow yet? Maybe it's picking up? I have been trying to watch and start building a residential home when things start to slow and the guy building has a little leverage. I am not looking to...
  10. jailbird141

    Havasu Home Building

    I know that up until recently, the home building market in Havasu has been through the roof. How are the recent worldly events effecting that? Construction still going strong? Prices still incredibly inflated? Is now the time to start building or wait it out a little longer?
  11. jailbird141

    Random question

    This is random I know, but I want to order a tire cover for my spare tire on my boat trailer. It is a 2003 Extreme triple axle. I am pretty sure it has 15 inch rims, I just do not remember what size tire is on the trailer and it is stored in Havasu so I cannot measure the tire diameter right...
  12. jailbird141

    Security System

    Looking for recommendations in Lake Havasu for a reputable security system installer. I am starting a build and want to incorporate the system as I build so it doesn't look added on after the fact. I am thinking probably 8 or so cameras with some door sensors, window sensors and motion sensor...
  13. jailbird141


    We are getting ready to build a new house in Havasu and in the process of doing our homework, we noticed not to many people have solar panels. Why is this? Seems like it would be the ideal place for solar panels but we don't see them much in Havasu and haven't heard much talk about them in new...
  14. jailbird141

    Bunk repair

    Does anyone know if "bunkrepair" is still around repairing trailer bunks in Havasu? I think his name was Sean? My trailer bunks need some help ....
  15. jailbird141

    Lenders and Builders

    I don't know if this is the right section for this question but, the wife and I bought a lot, on the island, in Havasu last year. We are hoping start building on it this year. We live in California and are looking for lenders and builders to start talking to. Does anyone have any suggestions or...
  16. jailbird141

    Ice maker repair

    Can anyone recommend someone to repair an ice maker in Havasu? Its working but the ice is not freezing as solid as it used to so maybe just needs charged or something and I don't want to haul it back to California. Thanks.
  17. jailbird141


    Looking to replenish my inflatables on the boat. What does everyone have that they like? I'm just trying to find something other than the flat inflatable raft to get? Ideas? BTW, I already bought an inflatable cooler/drink holder for when we're floating ..... :D
  18. jailbird141

    Islander Park Models

    I know there is a place for this in the River Communities section and I have already posted there. Unfortunately there is very little traffic there so I figured I would post it here, in hopes it would not get moved. Would like some information please. The wife and I have rented a space at the...
  19. jailbird141

    Purchasing a Park Model

    Would like some information please. The wife and I have rented a space at the Islander for the past six years after we made the move from the Beachcomber and have loved every second there! We have out grown the travel trailer and are looking to purchase a park model. We did not renew our space...
  20. jailbird141

    Memorial weekend menu

    So I'm planning my menu for Memorial weekend. I want to mix it up a little, not just hamburgers and hotdogs but still want it to be easy. I will be cooking on a weber charcoal grill or in a crock pot. Sorry, no smoker this time. Also, I will be cooking after being out on the boat all day. Once...