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  1. traquer

    Free rent…. Only in Ca.

    LOL truer words have never been spoken.
  2. traquer

    Free rent…. Only in Ca.

    True, but COVID is only a temporary thing. Life is long and those that do the right thing will be better off :) Life is like a mirror, you can't cheat it! Karma
  3. traquer

    Driving from SLC to SoCal

    I've never been but a high school buddy's wife owns it, he may be a RDP member actually I will ask
  4. traquer

    CA Boater Card

    Boat US is the one that counts for state farm, or any of them?
  5. traquer

    Rude People

    I was on Mohave late Saturday evening past the powerlines and in one cove there was a half dozen nicer easy-ups and all kinds of stuff rigged down for the night and not a boat in sight. Don't think it's an issue unless you're right near the launch ramps.
  6. traquer

    Driving from SLC to SoCal

    Bristlecone coffee in Cedar City is good if you're feeling tired still lol
  7. traquer

    Thompson bay accident

    I noticed that too. RIP young lad.
  8. traquer

    Who didn’t see this coming

    Without discipline and brains, things falls apart quick. Thankfully. Money has its own mind, it will move to the hands it feels the safest in. Forget where that proverb came from but it's a good one
  9. traquer

    Boat stereo upgrade

    How'd it turn out? I'm looking to put two 6x9s and four 6.5 coaxials along with an amp and basic head-unit in mine. I don't need a sub, I found that 2 6x9's under the rear bench have a decent amount of bass in a small boat.
  10. traquer

    What chlorine shortage?

    Oh I didn't know that, I just head everyone freaking out about it. That makes sense
  11. traquer

    What chlorine shortage?

    Safeway in Bullhead
  12. traquer

    Victorias secret drops their "angels" in favor of "powerful women"

    I keep seeing this kinda woke stuff and all I can think is *market opportunity*. Some sexy Italian or French lingerie company is gonna swoop in and eat their lunch. Oh well I will miss my girls wearing their stuff..
  13. traquer

    Man killed a catalytic converter thief and dragged the body behind his truck, police say

    Remember those CA signs that said "you drink you drive you lose". It should be "you steal, you get caught, you lose" POS thieves
  14. traquer

    Boat market

    I saw a one-owner 2002 aftershock 21 with 350mag B1 and 350 hours yesturday, listed for 20k. Listing removed today. Trailer looked like it has been in salt water and a few other things, but that wasn't too bad a deal in today's market?
  15. traquer

    Quit my job Today

    OC ideally, IE or LA ok too within reason. Maybe even Texas
  16. traquer

    Quit my job Today

    Do you know of any maintenance electrician positions? Have a family member that's a whiz with PLC and all the modern industrial robot controls and 480v, worked for GM and other companies but not happy at current job and looking around. Socal
  17. traquer

    Vax money, I dont get it

    If the vaccinated start dropping like flies in a few years due to some side effects, that will get rid of a lot of degenerates.. I hope not though since a lot of my family got their shots :/
  18. traquer

    Get woke go broke part infiniti

    Hey these are good people. They just happen to be gun brokers and unlicensed pharmacists.
  19. traquer

    When Libturds Run Cities .com

    Glad SF isn't where I grew up otherwise I'd miss it. Funny I was up in the bay area a few years ago buying a car and brought my dad along. He straight up was like fuck this place, it's like the Tower of Babel and Sodom all in one. It was pretty funny when the Paki guy who overheard him gave us...