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    ? For Boostpower, Teague or anyone else

    Looking to find a current part number for replacement injectors for a 1999 Merc HP 500. Merc Part number 8M0070081 is no longer available and it doesn't supercede to anything that I can find available either.
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    Riviera Maya Mexico

    Anyone travel to Riviera Maya Mexico Lately? Stay at the Grand Bliss Lately? What was your experience?
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    Grads tow vehicle

    I know he has removed himself from RDP for now and has had a rough go of it lately but I'm sure he is still lurking as the fucktard can't help himself but did anyone see this and think of him?
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    Guns and AMMO Privileges

    What ever happened to this section? Did it take a back seat to the Paying Titties Section or what? @RiverDave You slacking or no interest or censoring or what?
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    Smudge pots. Looking for 8 or more in Az. Phoenix, Parker, Bouse or ???

    Who has some. Jeff 602 725 1123
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    Biden / Harris Investigations

    Will Trump and the American people spend the next 4 years returning the favors of the liberal left and investigate Biden and Harris for everything under the sun for the next 4 years? Should it be done? Will it be worth the money spent to do it? Would the distractions be worth it to impede their...
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    Just a thought and not likely but............... Could we have a Biden/Pence situation? Discuss..... LOL
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    Best investment grade funds to buy during the pandemic

    I thought that with so many people sitting at home with a device in their hands and time to kill this might be a better thread than the typical sky is falling thread. Being that there is a vast group here on RDP....... Who is buying now? What are you buying and plan to hold long term? What are...
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    Live Flight Tracker

    If any of you peeps want to kill some time you can see where all the planes in the world are in real live time. I find it amazing that there appears to be WAY more flights in America than any other place in the world. Don't know what it means but I found it interesting anyways...
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    Corona Refi

    Has anyone checked to see what the current rates are on a 10 or 15 yr no-cash out refi? Is it even possible right now? What say the masses?
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    This may have been the beginning of the Great Toilet Paper Shortage of 2020

    :D https://www.sciencealert.com/uranus-atmosphere-is-leaking-gas-into-space
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    Corona Virus

    Looks like the virus from China has got ahold of RDP.
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    Which members have left RDP recently or plan on leaving and why?

    I know of several members that have just quietly chosen to stop posting on RDP and ironically most of them are for the same reason. Who have you noticed missing lately?
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    Appropriate Attire for Jury Duty

    I have been called for Jury Duty today and I have to be there by 8AM and was wondering which lapel pin I should wear, " Trump 2016 ", " Trump 2020 ", " MAGA Button " or my " NRA ". What say you? Probably be eating breakfast by 815.:D
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    St Martin/Sint Marteen-Anyone ever been?

    We had our charter boat all set up for Marsh Harbor Bahamas next year and now it looks like it is out of the picture for awhile. While I do want to help them rebuild by spending my money there I just don't see that as realistic for 2020. We are looking at going to St Martin next July instead...
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    Bahamas Islands are pretty much Destroyed

    It is hard to believe that they will be destroyed for at least a decade. WOW:(
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    Pete and Repeat are sitting on a fence and Pete falls off, who is left?
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    Hey RD.......

    Looks like someone needs to find that old pic of Grads eating that Big Red dick and have it ready to post up later tonight after the reality of the election settles in.:D At least that way the poor snowflake will have something to take his mind off of that Blue Wave he will have to carry in his...
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    Got in trouble with my wife

    Old buddy of mine asked me to go out for a few drinks the other night and my wife tells me, "Don't get drunk as we have things to do tomorrow ". Well, my single buddy keeps buying shots and well, I end up puking all over the front of my shirt. I know my wife is gonna be pissed and my buddy says...