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  1. Jed-O

    She said yes!!!

    Over the last year I've been thinking about it and the fact that I've waited long enough... I decided to make my move above the beach at Havasu Springs. It's a place where I grew up and still love to this day. I know it's a cliche to propose on valentine's day, but we happened to be there for...
  2. Jed-O

    Do remember your old telephone code?

    It's funny, I just ran across an old business card that my old man had in his collection, and I can remember (even growing up in the 80's) him using the old code for business. Ours was "Union 7-3558". It got me thinking after a few cocktails... "what would my cell phone be?" Ugh-2725??? WTF...
  3. Jed-O

    The new toilet paper?

    Is it just me? Cannon printer ink is close to double the price online and cannot be found in stores anywhere near me. And apparently every place in the inland empire is out of propane tanks.... After an extensive search yesterday I gave up and decided to do some serious drinking... Anyone else...
  4. Jed-O

    If you are looking to come to the mountain to cool off this weekend, don't bother...

    In Running Springs at 1:00
  5. Jed-O

    Winnebago Man

    Some of you guys haven't had the pleasure of seeing this apparently. So I've posted again for inmates. Sorry Vin...
  6. Jed-O

    To my buddies and all of you guys that had insight..

    I want to thank all of you for your time and thoughts. Damn Boat has been the Bain of my existence for the past few years. John (@welldigger00 ) thanks for making everything happen in the beginning. I owe you big time and at least a few ski rides. Trevor, (a friend and frequent lurker here) you...
  7. Jed-O

    How shallow is Elsinore?

    Going to take Damn Boat out on a shake down run tomorrow morning and I'm wondering if I'm making a bad choice running a V-drive in shallow water. I've never been on Elsinore before. Is there areas to avoid. I know the water is shit but I'd like to use the high speed lane so I can get on it a...
  8. Jed-O

    RDP Express needed, Lake Arrowhead to River Dave.

    Dave ordered a maple tray cooler top and it needs a ride to Havasu. Let me know if any of you can deliver it to him. Worst case scenario I can drive down the mountain and meet up with you guys in Redlands or Highland Thanks in advance. Dave and I would be very appreciative of the help.
  9. Jed-O

    Fed-Ex / UPS = I'm Fed up and fuming!

    Ben waiting for four business days to receive a business related COD package from FedEx and have been put off day by day so I've been sitting here with my thumb up my fuckin ass!
  10. Jed-O

    Metal patio awning Parker strip

    To the RDP brain trust : I have a buddy who is looking to get his metal patio awning replaced on the California side of Parker strip. I guess it took a serious beating during the last set of storms. Any recommendations for contractors or companies that actually call back and show up? Thanks in...
  11. Jed-O

    Picked up a Radio Flyer today

    Angela and I were walking home from the farmers market today in Running Springs and one of our neighbors has a constant yard sale in his front yard. Normally I take a quick glance and keep going, but today I saw he had a vintage Radio Flyer out front and I couldn't pass it up! $20 and it was...
  12. Jed-O

    Well this is going to prove to be difficult for us very small business guys /contractors for us ve.

    Well this is going to be difficult for us very small business guys /contractors. Due to the Uber and Lyft labor issues and the California government getting involved, we at least a huge percentage of us are going to have to pay the price... As a sole proprietor building contractor who...
  13. Jed-O

    I have been debating on delete my Facebook deal. And then...

    I have been debating deleting my Facebook account for a while now due to the irritating and loud bullshit videos that have zero volume control and asshole political posts that are not relevant to anything. Then literally minutes ago this pops up on my feed... I'm really not sure what to make of...
  14. Jed-O

    CHP / possible stolen boat?

    On my way home from Parker today on Rice Rd, I was towing Damn Boat home to work on the oil pump issue. I had the cruise control set at 62 mph and just after the old town of Rice I noticed an oncoming CHP around the corner, so I hit the cancel button and slowed to 58 and reset the cruise. Two...
  15. Jed-O

    When your old lady gets you something small and yet it's something that just gets you...

    Thanks Angela (Jed-0's Mistress )I love the gift. Sometimes it's just the little things that count... :) it's pretty badass.
  16. Jed-O

    Masters week, who are you rooting for?

    It's coming up in a few weeks and there is a ton of speculation from the media. What are your thoughts on a possible winner? Who are the top three guys you would like to see with a green jacket this year?
  17. Jed-O

    I hope Tom Steyer gets run over by a semi truck...

    And dies a horrible painful death... That is all... PS. RD feel free to relocate this to P&G if necessary.
  18. Jed-O

    Big block Chevrolet leaking oil. Help!!!

    It's puking profusely from the oil filter. Any ideas? I'm getting tired of buying oil at $40.00 a jug figuring it out
  19. Jed-O

    Well, ABC 7 just fucked us!

    Rob McMillan just did a piece on the needles dmv telling everyone about the no waiting. Thanks Rob! Needles is Closed!
  20. Jed-O

    Fahq Google!

    As of this morning this is the second time I've been photographed by the Google car. And it's the second time I've automatically flipped it the bird without hesitation. Welcome to Running Springs mother fuckers!!! :p:D