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    Question for Lake Mead peeps....

    how was the wait time and crowd situation retrieving the boat on Sunday? ...thx
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    Question for Lake Mead peeps....

    Ok thx...Unfortunately this was supposed to be a weekday trip that got pushed onto a weekend. So how is the Willow Beach Ramp on a weekend this time of year?
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    Question for Lake Mead peeps....

    Heading out to Mead in 2 weeks and know the water is low this year...so in terms of condition of the ramp, parking, and wait times, etc, what is the best bet? - Hemenway - Boulder Harbor - Calville Bay Thx, appreciate any info.
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    Bought another bike

    sorry for the thread jack,,but since this was originally about a supermoto-hypermoto style bike? has anyone had a ride on a Zero FXS? https://www.zeromotorcycles.com/model/zero-fxs the thing that caught my attention is the combo of 78 ft/lb max toque and less than 300 pounds. could be a kick...
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    650 HP on 4 cylinders?

    Thats a lot of HP, and not many cylinders... https://www.startengine.com/alfadan?utm_source=facebook&utm_medium=paidsocial&fbclid=IwAR0p-XKbXfk6S6DlkooOYXpHLhgkiZvftBV7nctp7b1ZuQgfQmHoIjVyAvY
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    Mercury Smartcraft Vessel View Mobile Kit

    Works fine on my 300xs....kinda fun to mess around with. Can't comment on accuracy of fuel consumption yet, but seems worth the $$.
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    Social Distancing is over and I noticed something weird

    I thought the mask was most effective at keeping infected individuals (some asymptotic) from spewing droplets onto healthy people?
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    Quarantine does Not have to suck.. lol

    FWIW - Some Italians are predicting a baby boom, 9 months from now.
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    My Nephew got it.. Temecula

    It really neither here nor there, as long as Daves nephew gets better. Just hope people don't rule out having the virus because they have vomiting and diarrhea along with other symptoms. I believe the study states "Patients who experienced digestive symptoms had a variety of manifestations...
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    Bill Ackman's advice for beating the virus and saving the economy...

    Some of you may have caught this on CNBC today... I'm not an economist or an infectious disease specialist, so I don't have an opinion on his opinion...but it is something to think about. The interview starts off sounding like its going very negative, but if you stick with it offers hope and a...
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    My Nephew got it.. Temecula

    A recent study from China found that diarrhea was a prominent symptom among up to half of patients with COVID-19 during the outbreak in Wuhan. https://www.drugtopics.com/latest/study-suggests-digestive-symptoms-may-be-associated-covid-19 this is a Novel (new) Virus...the available information...
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    If it wasn't for bad luck.......

    Wow....^^ what everyone else said^^
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    Liberator Boats - possible purchase info

    the mid-range acceleration looks awesome !
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    Liberator Boats - possible purchase info

    Randy - Is there a difference between the 21 and 22 Liberators? Someone said just top deck on another forum?
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    YoutubeTV vs. Hulu Live.......Thoughts?

    PS - one thing I haven't been able to access on Amazon Tv is the free Apple TV subscription that came with my new iPhone
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    YoutubeTV vs. Hulu Live.......Thoughts?

    I have YouTube TV running through an Amazon Fire TV box (not a WiFi Fire Stick) First rule of streaming TV, always hardwire your box with an Ethernet cable whenever possible, and don't depend on WiFi, especially if watching any 4K programming. We just dropped cable and started YouTubeTV...
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    496mag / 496HO - How many hours is too many hours?

    Even if the compression checks out and the boat was very well maintained, there is a minor hidden problem to be aware of on that generation of Merc motor. The paint inside the Cool Fuel Module can come off and clog up filters, fuel rails and injectors. (lots of photos of this online, especially...
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    Today's Gimbal Ring Repair....

    PS - JR Marine is a solid guy, with excellent parts and tools for gimbal repair, and a great resource for the DIY'er. http://www.jrmarine.com/products/gimbal_repair.htm
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    Today's Gimbal Ring Repair....

    been there, done that, got a whacker now, nuff said.....
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    Trailer color

    Once you go black, you never go back! (or so i've heard) On the other hand, one of the nicest trailers I've seen recently was a lightly polished aluminum c-channel trailer, with stainless fenders. (caveat - from the perspective of someone who likes to launch in big blue a couple of times a...